Friday, December 17, 2010

:Updated: Oh Hey There!

Sorry I’ve been antisocial media (see what I did there?) I’ve hardly even been on Facebook, but I have updated the Twitter a little bit. I have about 6 half-posts floating around, but it’s been really busy and hectic. I’ve done Christmas shopping and crafting and wrapping and baking (oh my). I don’t know what to get people these days. I don’t want to buy them some stupid present that they’ll never use, so I tend to make them. I made my 2 aunts that I’m close with necklaces, and I’ll be giving another aunt 2 Katie-sitting sessions (so she and my uncle can have some time out if they want). And I always give people baked goods.

Work’s gotten busy. I feel like they’re actually trying to use my creative skills now. It only took 2 years. On the negative side, I’ve had money taken from my wallet (which was in my purse, in my desk drawer in my office) twice in the last month. The second time was on Wednesday. This has been going on for 6 months and they’re finally going to do something about it. Six other people have had money taken; a few were missing over $100. Then last night I found a $20 bill on the floor at job #2. People said I should keep it because I’ve had money taken (karma?), but part of me feels like I should donate it or something. I’ve donated to Hopeline and the MS Society this year and donated stuff for care packages for the USO. But I always feel like I could/should be doing more, so I’m torn.

Today we’re decorating the lunchroom for our holiday party on Tuesday. And tomorrow I’m taking everyone’s donations down to the USO. I hope I don’t see a soldier. I’ll cry. Eventually I’d like to volunteer there and I’m sure I’ll cry then.

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy, and safe holiday!  My mom and step dad will be here in less than a week!  I still have baking to do! Crap!

PS: I did not win tickets to The Starting Line show in Philly tonight. Sads.

UPDATED:  I took the aforementioned money and participated in the movement Jenny the Bloggess started.  I couldn't stand the thought of someone's child not having a Christmas.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Worst is Over, You Can Have the Best of Me

Ok, so the Starting Line (which is a super awesome band from Philly) is playing a FREE show at North Star Bar, which is a really intimate setting. Why is this so exciting? Because they’re not technically even together right now. They stopped touring back in 2008, but have played a few shows here and there. I saw them with Motion City Soundtrack before the split.  Such a great show!  The next show after the one in Philly is in north Jersey the day after Christmas. Which I would make the trek for if my mom wasn’t going to be here. I really don’t think she’d be interested in attending. And after that they’re playing in Jakarta and at an Australian music fest. Can’t exactly make the trip for those shows.

So how do I plan on scoring tickets to the free show? I subscribed to a magazine. It’s their show, and they can give tickets to whomever they please. (Did I just use “whomever” correctly?) Anywhom, Alternative Press is giving away the tickets. It’s their 25th anniversary party. So I spent the $8 for the digital version. I figure it’s a great way to find new music.  I found the contest because I was listening to the ol' iPod and thought "I miss the Starting Line" so I googled them to see what was up.  And this show popped up.  It's kizmet.  Or something.

If it's not kizmet so much as a coinky-dink, I could always go down to North Star anyway (half the venue is a bar) and do what I did to get into the Brand New show. Press my face against the window for 45 minutes until the bouncer feels pity and lets me in. Strangely enough, no one else had that idea.

Monday, November 22, 2010

HP7: The Review (ish)

I don't really do movie reviews. I just say whether or not I liked the movie.  I don't like to say much about the movie (or book) for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Anyway, as you know from my previous post-I went to the Harry Potter midnight showing on Thursday/Friday. Without giving anything away-I really liked it. I liked that they used the humor of the actors and thought it was good move. Especially since the second half of the book is more intense and serious. I also thought that it ended at the perfect point and I definitely can’t wait for the next (and last) movie.

As an added bonus to the awesomeness that is HP7, my favorite professor from college was there. I saw him walk into the dimly lit theater-he’s usually pretty easy to spot. He’s always in a suit, always wears a hat, and is always carrying a paper shopping bag or a tote bag. Or several of each. My friend (who didn’t attend my college) didn’t understand why I was so excited. I posted on the Facebook that he was there and my former classmates were both excited and jealous. (PS-he was there with this guy I had a huge crush on my sophomore year. He’s married now, le sigh).

All in all it was a good night. I didn’t fall asleep until about 4am. Then Otis (the dog, not Redding) woke me up at 9:15am because he needed to go out. I slept for 11 hours Friday night. It was glorious.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In 12 Hours I'll Be in a Movie Theater

It’s heeeeere! It’s Harry Potter day, people. (-Don’t call him Harry Potter- Cuz my name is H Piddy).

I’m a little slow to get on the stuff-that’s-popular train. A lot of the time I rebel against stuff without giving it a chance because I don’t want to do/listen to/read what everyone else is. I boycotted Harry Potter when the first movie came out because I distinctly remember someone saying it was “The Wizard of Oz for a new generation”. AND NO. It’s not. The Wizard of Oz is a classic and my favoritest movie of all time and you can’t go comparing it some new movie with British kids no one has ever heard of. NO.

Then, after years of pleading from my biffle, Kellifish, I started the first book when the seventh came out. And I read them straight through. By the time I got to the last one, I was so attached to the characters that I was crying (I’m emotional to begin with). So I watched and own all of the movies, and went to the midnight show of the sixth. And tonight TONIGHT is the first half of the seventh book. I watch the trailer and I get goose bumps. The movies have been getting better and better, and I thought the last one was great, so I’m very excited.  And it's just a bonus that there's no job#2 tonight, or job #1 tomorrow.

The plan is to go home, take a nap, and grab some coffee on the way to the movie.

Also, I heart Daniel Radcliffe—watch his episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio if you ever get the chance.

PS-No, I’m not one of those people who gets dressed up for the movie.   Kellifish does have a HP tshirt though.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Very Exciting News!

I didn’t check my cell phone this morning until after I got into the office. I had a text message from my mom (from 5:30 am). She and my step dad (Papa S) are going to be coming up for Christmas this year! Ever since my mom moved to Florida it’s been one parent or the other for the holidays. Even if I was in Pennsylvania for the holidays, I did still see my mom’s family on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is a big deal for us. It’s a Polish feast called Wigilia (Vuh-lee-uh). I go to my uncle’s every year to celebrate, but it hasn’t been the same without my mom being there. And it’s doubly special, because I think Papa S has only experienced Wigilia light-meaning not all of the courses (there are seven, nine, or eleven), and it’s a lot more fun when there are more people.

Not only am I excited for the food part, but I’m extra excited for the family part, too. And trust me when I say that Mrs. T’s has nothing on a traditional homemade pierogi.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Scarred

What is it about a restroom door being propped completely open that says “Hey! Why don’t you come pee now!”??

I was working on Sunday night and ended up having to clean and close the dining room-which includes the restrooms. Which is my least favorite job to begin with. My worst fear is walking in on a guy using the urinal, so I always knock 123145 times before I go in, then I move the trash can and prop the door completely open. I had done this, and went into the ladies’ room to clean something and when I went to go back into the men’s room, there was a guy at the urinal.

I ran away. Why would you whip it out in a public bathroom with the door propped all the way open?!?!

Then a few minutes later I was changing the trash can that I had used to prop the door with. The door was open. An older gentleman came walking down to the restroom, so I told him I’d be done in a moment. His response, “That’s ok, I don’t mind if you watch”. Excuse me? “It’s ok, I’ll just use the cube. Don’t tell your father hahaha.” No, no and three times NO. I don’t want to hear old man peeing, let alone see old man pener. Unacceptable. I mouthed “What the f*ck?!?” to my coworker (who was looking down the hall with wide eyes) and ran away.

Perhaps all the weirdoes came out on Halloween? I’ve reached my limit of men attempting to pee in my presence. Hopefully I’ll be closing the bakery this evening.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween (I’m hoping it was better than mine at the very least)!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I Think I’m An Adult Now

…or at least I’m getting there. It’s a very adult-ish week. Here’s why:

1. My mom is sending her will to me. I’m the executor for both her and my step-dad. I have to sign it and get it notarized. I don’t even know how to do that. Good thing there’s a notary who works in accounting.

2. I’m excited to get paid tomorrow. So I can pay bills. I’ve been paying off credit cards and such and saving for a car down payment as well. Hello being responsible.

3. I’ve been getting my job #2 clothes together the night before. Trust me, this is a big thing.

4. I’ve been better about not buying things that I don’t need (shoes).

5. I’ve grown some will-power. I don’t know if this is considered “adult”, but I feel a little accomplished, so I’m throwing it in there.

And while I still don’t have an apartment of my own, I’d like to think that I’m headed somewhere. I don’t want to go into a lease until I figure some stuff out. Maybe I’ll move. Facebook told me that I should live in San Francisco. Perhaps I’ll plan a trip to Cali—I’ve never been to the west coast!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend and a very safe Halloween. I have to work Sunday night, but I’ll be sporting some devil horns under my stupid visor. At least until I get in trouble.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've Reached a Plateau

I’ve lost around 10 pounds. Which is great, but now I’m hovering.  I didn't drop anything last week.  (I didn't gain anything either!) It could be due to the plastic pumpkin that’s taken residence in my office that keeps being refilled by my coworkers (which is very nice of them, but bad for my will power.  Hello Reese's cups!), or the fact that I went to a sushi buffet Friday for dinner. I think I ate my body weight in sushi. Then I topped it off with a crepe. Because why wouldn’t a Japanese sushi buffet have crepes? Who cares? They’re delicious.

That’s my problem though. If it’s there, I will eat it. This is true of anything I find yummy-not just baked goods. I’ve been known to pick at the bowl of green beans while talking after dinner at the table. And it really REALLY doesn’t help that my second job is at a bakery. I have a bad habit of taking a bit of something and throwing the rest away. Unfortunately I do it with 5 things that I think look good that day. I really am on working on that. I’ve been munching on pickles (no points on Weight Watchers) instead of cookies.

I’m going to try to lose a few extra points than where I’d like to be before the holidays. That way I can eat all the deliciousness and not feel too guilty about it. Seconds on pie? Please and thank you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There’s a New Man in My Life

He’s got big brown eyes, chestnut colored hair, loves to snuggle and is sooo cute when he wags his stubby little tail.  His name is Otis (like Redding), and is a little bundle of love.  My aunt and uncle bought him last week and he’s definitely a part of the family already.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not A Post About Nothing

**Warning: Actual post with actual real life stuff.  Feel free to skip, it's pretty short anyway.

I’ve been going through an existential crisis lately.  (I don't like the term Quarter-life crisis (QLC), but I guess that's kind of what it is.) What do I really want to be when I grow up? Should I look for a new job now? How and when am I going to travel? Will I get better at yoga? I hate school debt!  I kind of got pulled into the American idea of a life path.  Finish high school--go to college--get a job.  I never really took the time to figure out what my passion is (I still don't know, but I've been working on trying new things!(I guess it's more baking than anything, though. (Now I want cupcakes.)))

I’m slowly figuring things out. I’ve been reading blogs like The Simple Dollar, Stratejoy, and I’ve just found another one called Zen Habits (linked by @doniree on the twitter). And like any of the other blogs I read and comment on regularly, I take from them what works for me and my life and apply them.  Sometimes it's a way to save money or a homemade gift or new recipe, sometimes it's shoes.

There are times when I read other blogs and I think “I want that. Why not me?” . It’s easy to forget that I’m just reading snippets of someone else’s life, not what necessarily goes into a normal day for them. That's what Molly posted about on Stratejoy yesterday.  I think it's a good thing to keep in mind.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My horoscope for today:

A whirlwind romance, or a sudden, unexpected change in how you feel about a lover or close friend, could take you by surprise today. Say yes to life and do not hesitate to go along with what occurs. Today, the grass really could be greener somewhere else. Almost the only thing you can do wrong is miss a chance to live life to the full by being too reserved or cautious.

Here's hoping this is at least partially true.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Kind of Boring (in a good way) Long Weekend.

I am very munchy today. Which would be normal for a Tuesday-had I gone to yoga last night (I skipped due to massive headache which took 4 excedrin and a bath to make any better). I had a long weekend. My office was closed for Columbus Day. Friday I watched Project Runway and Big Bang Theory (from Thursday night…stupid job #2) and the Phillies game. We won! Sorry, Cincinnati (no I’m not).

Saturday I took my aunt to the airport and ran some errands, then had a biffle date with Coconuts (one of my besties from middle/high school). We kicked it old school-dinner at Applebee’s, then to the Regal 24 for a movie. But not before hitting Target for snacks. Helloooooo middle/high school flashback! Except this time my mom didn’t have to drop me off.

Sunday was filled with laundry and baking. And work. Which was busy. Because both the football and baseball games were late. We can judge pretty well when we’ll be busy based on game times, which is kind of nice. Monday I watched NCIS, then ran around a little, mostly just to be outside. I was going to head to the park and sit outside and read, but it got hotter than I thought and I would have died from heat exhaustion. Probably. Or not.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday AKA Look at My Adorable Cousin Day

It's time for another Wordless Wednesday.  And since I saw the little one last weekend, you get to see more of her.  I apologize in advance, feel free to skip.

I really love this photo. I also really want a better camera.

I saw this guy in a crosswalk in Philly.  I don't know why, but I find it entertaining.

Monday, September 27, 2010

6 Reasons I'm In A Good Mood Even Though It's Monday

Reasons I am in a good mood:

1-The Phillies are National League-Eastern Division Champs for the 4th year running (and we're in a seriously good division).  Fingers crossed we make it to the World Series again.

2a-I'm in week 3 of yoga and I feel like I'm improving.  The instructor hardly had to adjust me today.  I am still struggling with the heat some.  When I got home today and took my hair down (I had it in french braided pig-tails to keep it out of my face) it was wet all the way through with sweat.  Sexxy, I know. 

2b-Mondayoga is perfect because it lets me clear my head for an hour and a half.  You're so concentrated on the poses (and the heat) that everything falls by the wayside for a short time.  It also leaves me feeling positive even though I know I have a 15 hour day ahead of me tomorrow.

3-I had a fun weekend with my mom visiting.  (Downside-it was a short visit and my step-dad couldn't come).  Hopefully they'll be able to visit soon.

4-It's starting to feel like Fall.  Loves it.  I'm excited for boots and scarves and hats.  Friday (if schedules work out) we're taking my cousin to this fall fest kickoff thingy at a local farm.  There's a story teller and a lighting of the pumpkin.  And homemade ice cream.  Mmmmm.

5-I turned 25 last week.  I don't know if that counts as putting me in a "good" mood.  But I got a massage and pedicure on my bday and that put me a good mood.  Also, my coworkers are amazeballs and got me an ice cream cake AND a Hello Kitty coloring and activity book. (Because how stressed can you be while coloring?  Exactly.  I highly recommend going to your local dollar store or Target and getting a coloring book and some Crayola crayons and chilling out.

6-I'm knitting again and getting back into some crafty stuff.  I really need to start an Etsy.  I have a pile of homemade dishcloths and a ton of yarn waiting to be knitted into more (and scarves, and two started blankets(Also, my brother has requested one.  We'll see, I have a short attention span when it comes to knitting, so blankets take a while.).)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mice Are Gross, But Now I'm Much More Organized-Silver Lining?

This weekend kind of blew. I wasn’t feeling well Friday, so I didn’t go out. Instead I watched Jersey Shore and World of Jenks on MTV (World of Jenks is actually pretty good.) and went to bed early. Saturday I spent the day running around, went to Target, the gym, did laundry—that’s my version of GTL. I got the third season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD. I was watching it Saturday night when I heard a rustling in the next room over. I didn’t think much of it. I thought a bag was settling since I was organizing a bit over there (as per my 2010 goals). But then I heard it again. So I turned on the light and I see a mouse.

I HATE MICE. That’s the one thing that gets me. Spiders and other assorted bugs don’t bother me, but anything rodent-like grosses me out. I was keeping some baking supplies in that bag. It got into the graham crackers I had to make my not-yet-world-famous s’ mores brownies. So I threw all that away and anything else food-like that was up there, even if there was no sign of vermin invasion. (PS I googled getting rid of mice and they don’t like the smell of mint. Good thing I usually have a pack of gum in my purse and/or on my night stand). Anywho, that sparked a cleaning spree like I haven’t had in a while. Including dusting.

On the bright side, I got that room organized and some boxes cleaned out, and most of my bedroom done before I had to go to work. Next I have to tackle the boxes I have stored in the other rooms. (We have a big house. I’m on the third floor. There’s my bedroom, the room that has the stairs and my books, a store room that has bulk items-shampoo, toilet paper-and assorted Christmas decorations, and another bedroom that currently is filled with boxes of who knows what).  Also, my house is over 300 years old.  We were bound to get a mouse at some point.

I won’t be able to do that this weekend because MY MOM’S COMING TO VISIT! I have off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from BOTH jobs. Exciting. And I’ve scheduled myself to get a massage Thursday. Happy Birthday to me!

PS The mouse was caught. It was in the trap when I got home from yoga last night. I may have gotten my aunt to take of that for me. ( I don’t touch rodents-dead or alive.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our E-Mail Server is Down, So I'm Posting Instead of Doing Actual Work

Navy guy didn’t get in touch. NEXT. I’m ok with it. He didn’t like baseball anyway. (Speaking of baseball, Victoria’s Secret had their MLB series sweats 40% off. So comfy and soft and warm). I’m beginning to realize how very little time I have for dating anyone that’s not within a 15 minute radius of me. I’m definitely not going to renew, but I’ll keep my profile up until it expires (at the end of October, I think). Maybe when I’m not working two jobs I’ll try it again.

A friend at job #1 said she had a dream that I met a guy at job #2. I’m reasonably sure it’s not my customer crush since he makes me nervous and I can hardly talk to him. Seriously, I can feel my face heat up after 2 minutes. At any rate, I’m hoping she’s psychic.

I’m kind of wishing that the yoga class I’m taking met more than once a week. I’m not sore anymore and I’m anxious to try the poses again. Hopefully soon I’ll master keeping my arms where they’re supposed to be, getting my back to be flat, and not turning my hips out. I wish I could remember the sequence to try at home. For now I guess I can stick with Sun Salutation.

I’m excited to try new things. Remember the aerial acrobatics thing I got? Well now I’ve gotten one for pole dancing (they call it aerobics or something, but we all know- time to break out the hooker heels!)

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed, but my brain’s a little disjointed today, so it’s only fitting. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!

PS-My horoscope is always so ecouraging.  Too bad "socializing" means job #2 and ugly uniform today...

*The planets of romance, Mars and Venus, are in tune today, so don't hesitate to share the way you feel or be too cautious. A chance encounter with someone who is on your wavelength could also have far-reaching repercussions. An in-depth conversation shows the way ahead. So plan to socialize this evening, as the stars are on your side where all romantic and emotional issues are concerned.*

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Saturday night I went out with a guy from match, M. We need to pray to the dating gods, people, because I actually liked this one. He’s 27, an engineer for the Navy (he’s not in the Navy, though), lives in a nice little section of the city, and is going to grad school. And he’s funny. Definitely the best date I’ve had since starting this whole thing. I’m giving him until tomorrow before I forget about him.

Last night I went to my first ever yoga class. I’ve done some yoga at home, so it wasn’t my very first experience, but it was my very first experience doing it correctly. It was nice to have the teacher there to adjust me as needed. I have issues with not keeping my "shoulders in my shoulder sockets" and with not keeping my hips straight. And also with my balance apparently. The class is at a dance and gymnastics studio, not a yoga studio, so it’s interesting to see what else I might be able to take there. There were only 4 of us in the class, so it was really a steal for almost-private classes. Oh! And they cranked up the heat in there. So that was a whole new experience as well. I’ve got 9 more classes on my class card, and I am excited. I felt myself improving a little with the teacher’s help, so I’m excited to see how well I can do in 9 more weeks.

My aunt, uncle, and I have also started on the Weight Watchers points system thingy. I don’t want to drastically lose weight, but I do want to get in a healthier range. I lost a couple of pounds last week (even with eating my weight in sushi at the buffet). Between WW, yoga, and the gym I am very optimistic about meeting at least one more of my goals.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boy-Type Post

I went out with Wants-to-be-a-doctor-man last weekend. He’s nice, but, I don’t know, he’s not what I’m looking for. He had mentioned a second date, but hasn’t called me or anything. I’d go out with him again, but I’m not going to go out of my way to get in contact with him.

I’ve sent three e-mails to other match-men (MM’s) today and have been checking my e-mail way too much. It’s partially ADD, partially their profile were different from the ones I’ve been reading lately. What I normally get is:

  • I love baseball and love the watch the Phillies! (Who doesn’t?) 
  • I’m a runner (I am not) 
  • I like movies/music/tv (so do most people…) 
  • I work out 2414351 times week (I go maybe 3 times a week, and am not hardcore but at all) 
  • I love my job and am on a super serious path and my life is totally planned out (no).

And I keep getting older than I’d like “winks”. Like 45. That is too old. You could be my father, even though you are good looking*. Double NO.

*I would only be ok with a 20+ age gap for one, George Clooney.

In other boy-related news. I saw my ex-boyfriend at a bar on Sunday. We ignored each other. Like adults.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wendesday: My Favorite Subject

I love taking photos of my younger cousin.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  I took it last year when we took a trip to the Philly zoo and went up in the Zoo Balloon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall and Birthdays and Rants, Oh My!

The touch of fall we're having today is reminding me of everything I love about the change in the seasons.  One of my favorite things about each of the seasons is how it smells.  I love the smell of snow in the winter, the flowers in the spring, fresh cut grass in summer, and the smell of the leaves in the fall.  Yes, I can smell the difference when they're changing.

I get excited for the chance to wear boots and sweaters again.  And scarves!  They take the place of necklaces in the winter because my office is always freezing.  Usually I'll miss the beach, flip-flops, and the sun on my skin.  But this year (and I think it's pretty universal) I can't wait for it to cool off. 

September's a big month.  My birthday is coming up.  I'm turing 25.  I don't think I'm wear I thought I'd be at 25, even though I don't really have a life plan.  My mom's visiting for the bday (mine and my brother's (his is the day before mine)).  I'm hoping 25 is a big year.  I really want to cross some stuff off my life list.  Like driving cross-country.  I've never been to Vegas or California, so I'd love to hit both those places on a road trip.

Also, the change in the seasons is remind me how badly I'm doing with my 2010 goals.  I really need to get on that stuff...

Also, I need to fit in this mini-rant:

I have been incredibly out of sorts the last few days. Yesterday, I went over to the mall to pick up new yoga pants ($15 at Old Navy), and went into Charlotte Russe to get a super cute owl necklace (I've been obsessed with the idea since Salt did her Hooty giveaway). Turns out I forgot my wallet. I have never forgotten my wallet in my adult life. So I had to leave my awesome parking spot (it was raining) and run home and grab my monies. Luckily I live all of 5 minutes from the mall. Then I get my necklace, get my yoga pants and run to the bank. I got home and took a shower and talked to Big Pappa (almost-doctor-guy) for a while. I got to remove the tags from my yoga pants and one pair was an extra small-on a medium hanger. So now I get to go back. UGH. On the bright side, they're ridiculously comfortable, and I'm excited to start yoga in a couple of weeks!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Thinking About Running Away With the Circus...

I have a Life List.  It currently has about 30 items on it.  One of these items is to try aerial acrobatics. Which is this:


Imgine my surprise and delight when I open my e-mail yesterday and my daily deal from is half off an introductory class at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.  I'm excited to be a step closer to crossing an item off of The List.  (Frankly, I will be surprised if I can hold myself up on the rope for any significant length of time.)

I quickly sent the link to my college biffle as we had been discussing trying this together.  I really could hardly contain my excitement.

Sidenote: the school also offers a stretching class.  I imagine this to be clowns doing yoga.  I apologize for that image, but I really just had to share it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Mini Posts Equals 1 Regular Post...Yes?

Nothing hugely exciting has really happened over the last week.  Unless you count buying a new purse.  Which I do.  I got this beauty in tan at DSW on Saturday.  I got it in tan.  It's Audrey Brooke 100% leather and it smells so good.  It was only...wait for it...$15.  Thank you 80% off clearance.


My mom called me the other day to ask me to be executor of her and my step dad's will.  Happy thoughts.  Hopefully we won't have to worry about that for a long time.  On the bright side, she's coming up to PA (from Florida) to visit for my and my brother's birthdays.  We're only a year and a day apart, so it's pretty convenient.  I'm really excited because 1-I haven't seen her since April and 2-It's an excuse to take off of work.  I wish my step dad was coming, too.

I finally got a new phone!  I got the Samsung reality, so now I can get on the facebook and the twitter whilst at work.  I was a little annoyed with Verizon and FedEx.  Verizon has a rule that you can't pick your stuff up at the facility until there's a delivery attempt.  Stupid?  Yes.  So FedEx leaves a post-it note thingy on my door (there is NO way they rang the bell without my uncle hearing them, I think she assumed no one was there.  Or she knocked softly.) saying I could pick it up after 4:30.  So I go over.  Truck's not back yet.  Third time's a charm, I finally got it.

I've been car shopping.  It's terribly overwhelming.  I hate big purchase decisions like this.

Monday, August 9, 2010


As some of you know, Cher at The Only Girl held a give away for the Canadian wonder that is the butter tart.   In case you don't know what they are, go here.

I made this for Cher instead of doing actual work at work.

So anycalories, after A LOT of paperwork (on Cher's end (thanks again!!))--did you know that butter tarts need a passport?--I got them today!   And I couldn't wait to try one.  They're delicious!  They taste kind of like shoofly pie, but without the crumbly stuff on top.  BUT, these had raisins in them.  And I loves me some raisins.

I'm shocked and appalled that we do not have butter tarts in the US.  I plan on finding a good recipe and making some of my own.  And also some shoofly pie.  Hi, I'm going to be 300 pounds.

In completely unrelated news....I got an e-mail on Match last week from a guy whose user name is "LittleG".  He's 4'8".  I don't know what to do with that.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I took the deal-I've decided to keep Match.  I have been emailing this guy who might be too much crazy for me.  It was fine for the first couple of messages.  He won't tell me his name.  I've asked him twice.  TWICE.  I can undterstand missing it once in an email.  And the last couple have seem rushed to me and really short (like 2 lines).  It's weird.  He did tell me he had some recent head trauma.  I may need to leave this one alone.

I applied for a job.  In the city.  It's working for a blog that talks about fun stuff to do in Philly.  Kind of awesome?  Yes.  I love the neighborhood the office is in.  So we'll see how that goes.  My mind is already racing with the possiblities and they haven't even emailed me back yet.

Why is there so much new tv on tonight?  I'm hoping I get home in time to watch one of the 10 o'clock shows.  I'm really into Royal Pains, but Jersey Shore starts tonight!  Gotta love TV that's so bad it's good.  I'm going to have to catch Project Runway on demand or something, though.  Because they moved it to 9.  They moved Big Bang Theory to Thursdays in the fall.  I might have to quit job #2 so I can watch it.  And Glee.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I'm deciding whether or not I want to cancel my Match account for now.   I don't have a lot of time for dating anyone that's not within a 20 minute radius, at least not during the workweek.  I went to cancel today so I didn't get charged again when the 31st rolled around, and they  offered a buy 1 month, get 2 free. 

I don't know if I should take it or leave it for now.  I've been polling my friends, I have about 3 days to decide.  Opinions?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Operation Shoebox - Support the Troops!

My brother posted this on Facebook last night.

Even if you don't support the war, you can still support the men and women who risk their lives every day.

"Hello, everybody. I wanted to get the word out to the ones that would definitely donate in the quickest way possible, as time is quickly approaching on this. If I did not tag you on this note, and you want to participate, by all means, do so.

The troops overseas are in need of very basic items to get through, such as personal hygiene products and basic snack items, provided by the people they are serving back home, to show that we support their efforts overseas. In 2003, one of the associations I am proud to be involved with started Operation Shoebox, in which a shoebox filled with these items would be sent to them. This is where we all need help.

Each shoebox of items will be $40 ($35 worth of product, and $5 in shipping). I ask that if you can give to this, please do so. As I will have to order all of the product myself and take it with me on August 14th, I will need to order it all NO LATER than August 9th, as I will have to have all the product in my possession by August 13th. I will be collecting money for this through August 8th.

This is a tax deductible donation. If you would, I can provide an invoice to show how much you donated.

Please, I can't do this without you. Please spread the word to everybody that may want to donate. I would like to load my car up so that I can barely see the mirrors while I'm driving to York. Our troops need our support!

I will accept on cash or personal check (the money has to go in my bank account to order the products anyway, so either way would work).

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. If you need my address, please message me, so that I can send it to you.

Remember, the deadline for this is August 8th."

If you'd like to help out please e-mail me.  I know most of you don't know me in "real" life, so if this sounds like a good program and you'd like to help you can visit the website here and go from there.

Friday, July 23, 2010


This came in through out customer service email account.  No, Madelyn, I'm all set on the "pointing-up manhood". 

Funny,  I used to like the name Madelyn...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

DUN DUN.  I do love me some Beatles.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I know. This can’t lead to anything good…can it? Well, hopefully it does. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to be/do when I grow up. Not an easy task. I’m one of those people that are kind of good at everything, but has never excelled or fell in love with anything. At least not anything practical that can be made into a career. I feel like I have a few paths I can go down, maybe eventually I’ll travel all of them. But here are my options (I think):

Option 1: Stay where I am. Keep working two jobs and living with my aunt so I can pay off debt and save for a new car. Keep being so busy and tired that I hardly have time to sleep and go to the gym, let alone see my friends as much as I’d like. This is not the most favorable option. The bright side to this one is that there have been rumors that they want me to start doing more marketing stuff and get me out of product photography/descriptions. No one has actually said anything directly to me. One of my coworkers, who is going to start doing marketing, told me. So there’s nothing concrete. But she said the timeline is about six months.

Option 2: Update the ol’ resume, post it on Monster, and start sending it out to PR firms in the city. City job = city apartment. Then I wouldn’t have to buy a new car and have insurance and all that jazz. This is very favorable. I think I’d be good in PR. Perhaps if I got good at it, I could open my own consulting firm or something (in the very distant future),  I could also apply in DC or New York, but that's WAY out of my comfort zone...which could be a good thing.  I do have a couple of cousins living in DC.

Option 3: Quit life and move to Europe for a year. Unfortunately this isn’t very realistic because I have a little thing call EFFING SCHOOL LOANS. I guess I could defer them. This is why I need to win the lottery or marry a rich man.

The first step to any of this is to de-clutter and find little ways of getting more money. So I have a plan before the plan to sell some old clothes, put some old books online, and maybe start an Etsy shop.

Now I just have to gain some focus…I swear I grew some ADD in my twenties. (I guess I could also attribute it to laziness, procrastination, or lack of will drive, but ADD sounds better.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caffeine or Alcohol?

We went with caffeine.

I met up with Bachelor #2 last night.  We talked for about two hours.  He's nice and we can hold a conversation, but I didn't feel the overwhelming urge to make out or anything.  At this point I'm feeling pretty neutral. 

I added new pictures and since then Bachelor #1 hasn't e-mailed me.  Curious.  This  could be because he's busy (he's moving this weekend) or because he's an asshole.  Can't be sure yet. (Update:  Not an asshole.  Just busy moving.)

The third guy is eh.  haven't really talked to him much.

Then there's #4-who has been kind of floating in the background.  He had been traveling, so I haven't been hearing much from him. But we'll see.

And we have a new one, my friends.  This one works at a local hospital and will be going to medical school.  He thinks he wants to go into family medicine.  He's 24.

To be continued (apparently).

Votes so far?

PS.  I'll add a photo of my (new) trimmed up hair.  When I'm not being lazy.  Today I was really lazy and just pulled it back.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Broken and Disjointed...Just Like My Brain

Update:  I talked to Bachelor #2 on the phone last night.  We're going to get together tomorrow night for a drink.  Here's the problem with him.  Yankees fan.  BUT, we have hatred of the Mets in common.

I forgot to mention bachelor #4 mostly because I hadn't talked to him for a few days. He's 27, lives in the city, and will be working at a university not too far from my house.  He wants to get a drink when he gets back from Florida (he's travelling for work).

My friends are all really supportive and this is why I love them.  They just want me to keep them on speed dial in case I need an excuse to leave or anything like that.

My friend, E, will not be at job #2 to share my pain this evening.  We're like sisters, we bicker and pick on each other all the time.  We also usually wear red on Tuesdays.  I'm not going to today in protest.

CABM (creepy annoying boss man) isn't in yet.  I don't want to get too excited, because I know he's just going to show up and ruin it.

I went to the dentist yesterday and I have one teeny little cavity.  I like my new dentist because 1) he's not an asshole.  And 2) he's got a picture of his daughter and Jennifer Aniston on the front desk.  I love her.  Jennifer Anniston.  Not his daughter.

Cinnamon toast crunch is awesome. (Which is probably what gave me a cavity)

I got my hair did last night.  I told her to give me some bangs.  Now I remember why I decided to grow them out.  I'm going to get a crick in my neck from flicking them over.

I might update this later if I have any random thoughts.  Of course, you could just follow me on the twitter~~~>

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me A Match

Hi.  Remember me?  Sorry I've been lame this week.  It's not even like I was busier than usual, just especially tired and lazy.  I blame our fourth (!) heatwave.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

On a sort-of-whim last Thursday, I decided to join  I know of a few people who met their significant others via the internet.  Since I don't want to meet someone in a bar (and we don't really venture out to drink like that's more for dinner), no one has anyone to set me up with, and I'm not going to date anyone I work with, I decided to try this out for a month.  I could meet a creeper in bar, or I could meet a creeper on the internet.  It's pretty much a level playing field these days.

If nothing else comes from this, it's done wonders for my self-esteem. I've had quite a few winks in the last week+.  Side note: who winks in real life?  If someone winked at me at the gym or something I'd be freaked out.  For serious.  I guess there's really no uncheesey way to "flirt" via the internet though.

Anywho.  There are 2 guys that I'm interested in and have been emailing back and forth with.

Bachelor #1 is 23 and applying to law school, and working in a law firm in IT in the same town as job #2.  We have the same views on some things and have a pretty good rapport going.  He's moving next weekend (only about 10-15 mins from me), so as long as nothing major comes up, I'm sure we'll end up meeting.

Bachelor #2 is 24, has a master degree, and works for a research hospital in the city.  He also lives in the city (probably 20-25 mins by car or train), which wouldn't be that convenient during the week.   He tutors in my area 2 nights a week, but they happen to be the same nights I work.  We also have a good rapport going, and he seems really smart and easy to get along with.  We were thinking about meeting up on Wednesday.

Both guys seem really good on paper, which is the drawback of online dating. 

Then there's a third guy that I've just started chatting with.  He's 32 and lives maybe 20 minutes down the highway.  I don't really know much about this one other than the fact that he's been tent camping for the last week up in Maine.

I've already had my biffles check these guys out and weigh-in.  I guess we'll just have to see what happens.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

PS-My new profile picture for here is the same one I'm using.  I guess that gives some sort of frame of reference.  Or something.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gimme a "C", Gimme a "U", Gimme a "P"*....

*I had to add the "P" part because some people (LiLu, Salt) need to get their minds out of the gutter...tsk tsk you two!

Today is one of my coworker/friend's birthday. And we all know what that means...cupcakes! This time, knowing her love for Reese anything, I wanted to try something a little different. So I went with peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

I had to add some sprinkles to make them more festive.  Plus, she loves sprinkles!

I used a recipe from for the cupcake.  The recipe originally called for shortening, but I like my butter, so I switched them out.

1 3/4 c. all purpose flour
3/4 c. sugar
1/4 c. shortening  (butter!)
3/4 tsp. vanilla extract
2 lg. eggs
1 c. milk
1/2 c. peanut butter
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt (I don't add salt when I use salted butter..also too salty with the PB)
And the frosting is from my trusty Hershey's cookbook.  Which I always turn to when I need something chocolate-related.
6 tablespoons butter or margarine, softened
2-2/3 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup HERSHEY'S Cocoa or HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Cocoa (I used regular bc I didn't have the special dark laying around...I should though, I heart dark chocolate)
1/3 cup milk (add more 1 tsp at a time if needed)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
They turned out pretty well, but I think next time I might take the butter butter out and make it extra peanut butter, and throw in some mini chocolate chips for good measure.  Because why not?  I'm also formulating a plan to make "creamsicle cupcakes".  Orange cake with either a vanilla glaze or cream cheese icing.  Maybe with some orange zest on top to make it pretty.

In other food related news...I MISSED MY OPPORTUNITY FOR BUTTER TARTS!! One of my aunts was in Canada for a few days with a friend and I didn't know about it UNTIL NOW.  I'm very distraught.  I really need to get a passport so I can go get me some authentic butter tarts.  Also, I've never been to Canada, and I'm sure there's a ton to see up there that doesn't involve mounties.  Any suggestions, Cher?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm pretty sure I will be there for the midnight show in 3-D.  With my hand-knitted Gryffendor scarf that I should probably make soon.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I Heart the Dirty Jerz

I was in Jersey over the weekend.  I had my aunt's house to myself and got to enjoy the quiet and relax.  Some of my favorite things about the shore:
  1. My aunt's got a hot tub on an enclosed porch so it can be used even when it's cold or raining.
  2. The beach access is two blocks away.  And it's called Lois Lane--loves it.
  3. The beach isn't super crowded.  There's a busy part up near the main part of the town, but the part that's right by the house is pretty quiet and relaxing.
  4. The outside shower.  I like to commune with nature.  It's all enclosed so you don't have to worry about someone watching you like a creeper.
  5. The fridge and freezer is always stocked.  And I can eat whatever I want.  
  6. There's a bar not too far away.  So I can head down that way with friends and not have to worry about driving.
  7. It's not too far from AC, so I can head up there if I feel like gambling (which is hardly ever).
I'm headed back down that way for the three-day weekend with one of my friends.  Sooo excited.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summa Summa Summa Time

I love summer.  Not when we have this oppressive heat and humidity combo, but I love it when it's 85, sunny, with very low humidity.  I miss having summer vacations.  We should have those as adults.  France takes the whole month of August off.  I'm moving. 

ANYways...I am going to try to make the most of my weekends this summer season.  Last Friday I took off work and got Hershey Park Happy.  It was nice because it wasn't too crowded or too hot.  And I awarded myself bonus points for not getting sunburned. BTW if you ever go to Hershey GO TO CHOCOLATE WORLD.  There's this tour thingy and they show you how they make the chocolate, and then they give you a little piece at the end.  WIN.  ALSO there's a gift shop.  Where you can buy a 5 pound Hershey bar.  5 POUNDS.  (For $40)  I want to make a 5 pound s'more...mmmm.

This coming weekend and next weekend I'm headed to the shore.  Yes, like the Jersey Shore.  No, not the GTL Jersey Shore.  I'll be southern Jersey.  My aunt lives there, and she's in Erie for a few weeks.  So in exchange for watering a few of her plants I get free reign over her hot tub, her food, and am only 2 blocks from the beach.  Nothing is going to stop me from going short of a hurrisoon (that's a hurricane/monsoon).  I could use a mini-vacay and a change of scenery.  I am counting the hours until I go.  I will be arriving there in about 48 hours.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of my biffle's birthday is tomorrow.  I have off work and am going to Hershey Park!  Soooo exciting.

I like to use any excuse to bake and try a new recipe, so I made her funfetti cupcakes.  I hate using boxed mixes, so I googled and ended up at Lovin' From the Oven.  The recipe I used is here.  I didn't make any changes or anything.  I got 16 cupcakes (which quickly turned to 15 as soon as they were cool enough for icing).

Here's the finished product:

I've never done piping before, so I'll have to work on making the icing look pretty...

After I took a big bite.

 The icing is soooo good.  I'm definitely going to keep it in reserve for other deliciousness.  Or if I just want to snack on some icing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Stuffs

My computer still has the sads.  My college biffle tried to fix it, but it's a stubborn bastard and isn't having it.  Anywho, my weekend wasn't bad.  I was sick Thursday, so I left work at noon and didn't go to job #2.  I had a doctor's appointment Friday in the AM, so I could sleep in a little.  Except I couldn't eat breakfast because they were taking blood. 

Then I did a whole lot of nothing on Friday night.  Between Thursday and Friday, I watched more TV in one sitting that I have in a long time.  Saturday CB (college biffle) and I went a-malling.  I only bought 2 things (plus food) which is amazing for me.  Usually I talk myself into why I need things, as opposed to why I don't.

I got a drunken text message after midnight on Saturday night which woke me up.  Because I'm old (apparently).  Who the text was from is a whole other story.  I haven't decided if I'm going to share that whole thing yet, if ever.

The weekend was pretty much hot and sticky and I spent a lot time in doors.  Why did we skip the nice summer weather?  Hoping it's not so sticky this coming Friday--I'm going to Hershey Park!  Be jealous.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My first WW!  This is from the party on Saturday.  I really wish it wasn't blurry :-/

That wasn't exactly wordless per se.  Oh well.  I'm not known for shutting up.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Extravaganza

I had a really good weekend last weekend.  Which naturally means I'm exhausted on Monday.  But it's ok, because it was worth it.  Friday I had dinner with some of the girls at the Olive Garden, which is always yummy.  Carbs and seafood are a fantastic combination and I won't have anyone tell me otherwise.  After dinner I headed to Target which is like my Mecca.  Why can't I spend less than $50 there?  I tend to compulsively buy things.  Then it was out to the local sports bar to watch the Flyers go on to victory!  Which is always exciting.  Everyone high-fives and hugs, even if you don't know the people.  There was this woman who wouldn't stop screaming.  Like woo-hoo screaming, but it was at random times.  She was tanked.  It was hilarious.

Then on Saturday I got to be a fairy god mother.  My cousin turned 5, so my aunt threw her a fairy-princess tea party.  Yes there are pictures of me with wings, no I do not have a copy of them yet.   All the girls got transformed into fairy princesses when they got there, and they all looked super cute in their little wings and tiaras.  After the kids' party, there was a family get together.  Which really just means I spend 8 1/2 hours getting beat up by 5 year olds.  Huzzah.  But she's my little cheeseball and I like to make her happy and her birthdays special.

Sunday I recouperated a little from being a human jungle gym.  And then I had to go to job #2.  Where the air condition has been broken for the last week and a half.  Which is awesome in 90+ degree weather.  And there were more males than usual working, so I got sexually harassed a lot more than on any given day.  I was really only creeped out by one of the three guys that was there, I'm pretty good friends with the other two, so usually I can just make some snarky comment and then walk away.  But on the bright side, the customer I have a ginormous crush on came in.  He's just so good-looking :::sigh:::.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Need a Break from the Monotony

For serious.  I've only been back in the office for 2 days this week and I already can't stand it.  I don't know if it's me not liking my job as much as I used to, the fact that my boss is annoying, or the summer sads I get because I can't be outside as much as I'd like.  (Also, why is it so hot and humid already?)

I think I'm going to update my resume and start submitting it to some places and see what happens.  I'm really tired of working two jobs.  I have next to no time for a relationship, not that I have anyone in mind.  Pseudo-whatever-boy is all flaky and stuff.  Where does one meet people these days, anyway?

I also have the travel bug.  Bad.  I was on earlier (instead of working) and I saw an amazing 28-day trip around Australia.  Except I don't have an extra $5000 lying around.  I thought a college education was supposed to help you earn more so you can get out of the hole?  Clearly I missed that memo.

I'm going to come up with a more concise plan of how to make more money and travel and all that.  I think Job 1 should probably be getting a Passport.  I had one.  That I let expire.  And may have lost.  Twice.

I guess I just don't want to go through life settling.  For anything.

Is there a universal funk? 

Friday, May 28, 2010

This is Probably TMI, but I Left My Pride in the Stirrups

 Today was the day I hate the most of the entire year.  It's worse than Valentine's Day when you have no one.  With VDay, there's always next year.  With this day there's always next year, dammit.

No one, no one, likes to have their snatched poked at for non-recreational purposes.

At least I get to go to my family doctor's office where I've been going since I was born.  They already know everything, so I don't have to refill out my medical history all the effing time.

First there's the basic questions.  Discharge, pain, discomfort, etc.  Then the doctor gets to second base with you- A LOT- and then your feet you up in the stirrups.  And you have the urge to keep your knees together, but you can't.  And they always always tell you to relax.  But that's next to impossible.  Plus it feels like there's a draft.

For serious.  Guys don't even know.  I'd take "turn and cough" any day over playing "where's your cervix".  Most males are all "oh well we have to have the prostate exam blah blah blah".  Really?  REALLY?!  That takes a few seconds.  Meanwhile we've got to have our hoohahs propped open with a spotlight shining up there and a giant q-tip swirled around.  Every year.  FOREVER. 

Because you have to go.  Or they don't let you have your pills.  It's blackmail.  If you don't get your pills, then your eggo gets preggo and you have to go anyways so they can poke around "for the baby".

On the bright side, I did get the BC changed to the seasonal stuff.  High fives for no period all summer! It was almost worth it.

PS How does one make the life choice to look at vag all day?  Do you think gynos have a rating system?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A List of Randomness for You to Enjoy.

I have a ton of random stories floating around in my head right now and they're all jumbled and confusing so please don't blame me if this post comes out all jumbled and confusing.  I basically have a few short stories which is why they invented twitter, but here they are in list-ish form.

1-It's World MS Day...learn more here and join the global movement.

2-Effing ShoeDazzle.I ordered the "Nancy" shoes, in which  a portion of the proceeds go toward an MS Society (see above).  And they sent me two left shoes.  TWO. LEFT. SHOES.  Is this God punishing me for too much shopping?  probably...

3-@toywithme is following me on Twitter.  Which I find to be odd.  Since I don't write about sex like, ever.  Because I don't do that sort of thing.  (Or Big Brother reads this.  Hi.)  I sent her sparkle vagina hugs, anyway.  She probably found me through Nicole at More Is Better because I read and comment and twitter stalk her. 

4- I saw my ex-boyfriend at the bar Saturday.  I haven't seen or spoken to him in over a year.  Felt awkward.  Didn't acknowledge him.  I left. At midnight. But somehow didn't get home til 3.  Funny how that works out.

5a-  Took off Monday to go to the Philadelphia Zoo.  It's the oldest zoo in the country.  Recognize.

5b- There was a baby orangutan.  I wanted to steal it.  But it was protected behind glass.  I'll post a picture when I'm not feeling so lazy.

6- Glee was amazing this week.  I love Puck even more now.  And Finn dressed in a red shower curtain was amazing.  Also, I want to get a puppy and name her Jackie Daniels.  Brilliant.

7-  Watch Parenthood on NBC.  SO GOOD.  There were 13 episodes this season and I loved every one of them.

8- My computer is still not fixed.  Fail.  I think it may need to go to the doctor.

9-  Post about girly doctors on Friday.  Please take this time to mentally prepare yourselves.

10- I feel like I need to update my resume and start shopping around for a new job.  Boss man is still as annoying as ever.  I like my job, but I don't love it.  Might be time for a change.

I'm going to stop at 10 because it's a nice round number and I have a touch of OCD when it comes to numbers.  Because I'm weird like that.  I don't like lists with off numbers.  Odd numbers are okay, but only if it's a multiple of 5...I have issues.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Technology

I'm a Mac who is poor and now uses a netbook because it would have been to expensive to update my 6 year old iBook G4 to make it run things correctly.  My system apparently got too old to even watch YouTube videos.  But I still love it.  So now I'm a MPaC (or something).
I still have all of my photos and music on my iBook, but have switched to doing all internet-related anything on the netbook. Which is all of 3 pounds and fits in my purse, so it's great for taking places (my mac is about 47 pounds and I have some residual damage from carting it to school).  Anywho, I got this really special malware something that has caused my Google to be messed up.  Whenever I Google something, the regular search list comes up, but it gets redirected to other sites.  It's really the bane of my existence when all I want to do is check baseball or hockey scores, find some new shoes, or something equally important. 
I have two virus scanner thingies and neither have fixed it.  It's not preventing me from reading blogs or anything, so much as it's annoying.  I've been preoccupied with that (and catching up on Glee!) to write any real posts, but I'll get back to normal once I get the computer issues figured out.  Vengeance will be mine!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Philly Sports are Fantastical

It's that time of the year, my friends.  Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us.  I'm not a close follower of the NHL.  I like when a hockey game breaks out in the middle of a fight as much as the next person, but I don't watch every game, check the standings, or have a fantasy league (in anything).  BUT...our fantastic Flyers have beaten the odds and come back from three, count 'em THREE, games behind.  The last game of that seven game series was on Friday night.  They were three goals behind in the first period-scoring the third as I arrived at my favorite neighborhood sports bar.  But they came back from three goals behind to win!  I will admit that mob mentality took over and I yelled as much as anyone else in that bar when they won the game.  And I will be excited if they win the's definitely been a long time coming.

But here's what I don't get about hockey.  It's May.  MAY.  There's no longer ice here in the United States...maybe in Alaska?  Shouldn't the season be over by now?  I mean, we're into baseball season now.  The boys of summer are playing.  "Summer" being the operative word.

Speaking of my boys.  My beloved Phillies (yes I've been a fan since I was little, but now I actually understand the game...with the exception of the infield fly rule...I still don't get that one) are back and rockin' it.  I know it's along road to October, but I can't help but gush a little about how well they're doing so far.

We're number one in our division, number one in our league, and number three overall.  We're only a half game behind the Yankees (effing Yankees), and we have plenty of time to make up the difference.  We've already had a few injuries this season, but I'd rather have them early in the season, then later on in the season.
 It's damn near impossible to live in/near Philly and not get caught up in the fan frenzy that takes place when our teams do well.  Even if you're not a fan per se  it's always fun to go to a game.  The energy is awesome.  No matter what sport it is.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RIP Scott, You Are Missed

*Warning: This is a sad post.  If you want happy, or weird conversations, or pictures of yummy baked goods, I suggest you look elsewhere.  This is mostly cathartic because I've never written more than 2 lines about this.

**Also, there's so much I didn't cover in this, but my brain is so scattered and I don't have

There will always be things that trigger the thought of certain people.  The smell of pipe tobacco, or even cigars, always makes me think of my pop-pop (he smoked a pipe for a lot of my childhood).  Polka music reminds me of my grandpa because he liked to watch polka dancing (seriously) at like 7 am.

And "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly always makes me think of my cousin, Scott.  Most of the time I just smile and sing along, but yesterday I had a moment.  I tried my damnedest not to cry, but a little tear or two did escape.  The reason it hit me so hard was because tomorrow, Thursday May 13, is the third anniversary of his death.

Three years ago, on Mother's Day, Scott took his own life.  It was one of the most difficult things my family has ever been through, but somehow we got through it, and continue to deal with that tragedy. I will never be able to comprehend the thought and will that it takes to put a gun to your own head.  He did this in his family home, in his bedroom, while his parents were downstairs.  They didn't find him, though.  He had the foresight to call 911 himself from his cell phone beforehand.  A police officer showed up at the house and found him.  I am incredibly thankful that my aunt and uncle didn't have to see him like that. 

I still went to work for a few hours every day during the few days it took to get everything situated for the funeral.  I was opening that week, so I had to get up at 4 am.  Which was fine because I couldn't sleep anyway.  Arbor Mist and Tylenol PM was my new best friend.  I left work around 9 or 10 am and headed to my aunt's with the rest of my family.  We did our best to stay strong.  On the day of the funeral I've never seen so many people in my church.  It really was a testament to how well-liked Scott was.He was often the center of attention, but not because he was obnoxious.  He was funny, and kind, and loved his parents and family.

Death is difficult at any time.  But I think it's worse when it's unexpected.  I lost someone who I grew up with.  He was only a year younger than me.  We saw each other every week and went on vacation every summer when we were little.  We did grow apart some as we got older and life got in the way.  But it still hits me every once in a while that he's not at family occasions, he's not here on holidays, and he won't be at my or my brother's weddings.  

I will always think about Scott.  Sometimes I'll smile, and sometimes I'll cry.  And Nelly will always bring him to the forefront of my thoughts.

If you wanna go and take a ride wit me
We three-wheelin in the fo' with the gold D's
Oh why do I live this way? (Hey, must be the money!)

If you wanna go and get high wit me
Smoke a L in the back of the Benz-y
Oh why must I feel this way? (Hey, must be the money!)

Monday, May 10, 2010


So I pretty much ate like a 12 year old boy who was left at home by himself over the weekend.  Not limited to, but included in the menu were peanut butter M&M's, Cheetos (puffs), Lucky Charms, brownies, and cookies.

I DID get to experiment, and I even took pictures!  (Go me!)  Okay, so first up we've got gorp cookies.  I used a cookie recipe in one of my cookbooks for the base, but altered a bit.  It called for fancy, high-quality chocolate chunks and pecans or walnuts or something (no thank you).  So I switched those out for regular M&M's, peanuts and raisins.  I did take the meat mallet to the M&M's and peanuts to break them up a bit.  Here's the final product:

These turned out soft-baked also, so bonus.  It's a great combo of sweet, salty, and the texture is fantastic!

Now on to the brownies.  Which are probably one of the best idea's I've ever had.  I used the standard brownie recipe that I always use.  Except this time I made a graham cracker crust first (used the meat mallet again--great stress-relief) and mixed semi-sweet chocolate chips and mini marshmallows into the batter.  

These were super gooey and I loved them.  I got A+'s from my taste testers.  I will definitely be making both of these recipes again.

Next up on my baking to-do list are butter tartsCher was very upset that I had never heard of them.  I'm pretty much sold on anything with "butter" in the name.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because I Really Have a Brain Block

(Insert something clever to say about the number 3)
3 names I go by
1. Beckles
2. B
3. Becky
Wow thos are kind of boring...I'm in need of new nickname.

3 jobs I have had
1. Shift Supervisor
2. Marketing Intern
3. Website Maintenance and Marketing Support Analyst (Big Girl title!)

3 places I have lived
1. Eagleville, PA
2. Trooper, PA
3. King of Prussia, PA
Perhaps I should get out of my comfort zone?
3 tv shows I watch
1. Glee (LOVE!)
2. Parenthood (love)
3. Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!)


3 places I would like to visit
1. Greece
2. Poland
3. Cali
3 fave retro tv shows
1. I Love Lucy
2. Boy Meets World (remember TGIF on ABC?
3. Saved by the Bell

3 fave dishes (these are more like favorite foods)
1. Polish food: pierogies, golumpki, kielbasa (because it's so healthy)
2. Sushi!
3. Cereal

3 things I am looking forward to
1. Shore weather--Summer!!
2. Sex and the City 2
3. Going to a couple of baseball games (hopefully!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Experiments in the Kitchen

I really love to bake.  It's cathartic for me.  Plus there's the added bonus of being able to eat deliciousness after I've de-stressed.  So I am very excited for this weekend.  Aunt and Uncle (who I live with) are launching the boat, so I'll have some free-reign in the kitchen.

I'm planning on experimenting with two recipes.  The first one I've been thinking about making for a while, so I've built it's yumminess up in my head and really hoping it doesn't suck.  And those are s'more brownies.  I'm going to manipulate my famous(ish) brownie recipe to accommodate some mini marshmallows.  Very exciting.

The second one I thought of the other day.  I LOVE to snack on raisins mixed with peanuts (so good, and such a cheap, healthy snack).  This is the poor man's version of GORP (raisins, peanuts, and m&m's).  I didn't have the m&m's--chocolate chips work too, except they melt.  Anyyummy, I'm going to make a GORP cookie (I hope).  It'll be mostly-healthy because the base will be oatmeal and wheat flour.  Hopefully it'll turn out well, I'll be so sad if it doesn't!

I know I'll be able to find some taste-testers for these.  If they turn out pretty I'll post the pics!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello. My Name is Becky and I'm a Procrastinator

First of all, please get out of google reader and notice and admire my new layout.  I'll make a new header, but for now it's the same pic as my Twitter background.  I'm actually kind of proud of that photo.  I took it on vacay and photoshopped the crap out of it. 


I am a procrastinator.  This is something I freely admit.  I procrastinate because it hasn't gotten me into any trouble--yet.  I did it in college, and still got good grades.  (I also never really studied because it was boring and there was always something better on tv.  That's what the 10 minutes before class was for, anyway). 

Procrastination case in point:  I just finished unpacking my suitcase from vacation.  RELAX, it was just the clean clothes I didn't use while I was down there.  That's why I figured it was ok...I mean they can sit in my drawer, or they can sit in my bright purple suitcase.  So they sat.  For three weeks. 

I've also noticed that I haven't made any headway on my Life List (which I'm still debating on posting) and my  goals for 2010.

Which leads me to my next point (or something...I've already given up my first train of thought...).  I am not a overly neat person.  I AM NOT DIRTY!  I don't leave food all over the place or half drunk glasses of soda or tea (any more) laying around.  But I'm not neat.  All of my things don't have homes.  I like to think that this will change when I have my own apartment and I can spread out, but I'm not too sure that it will.  I'm just lazy, I guess.  It's easier to throw my coat on the floor than to hang it up.  I know you're saying it's not, and I get your logic, but in my head, it is. 

I like to take the easy way out sometimes.  I think that mindset has translated and crossed over into other areas of my life.  I've never actively pursued a job.  In high school I worked where my friends worked and they vouched for me and I got hired.  I did a few summer temp stints at job #1 before I worked there full-time.  My aunt works there also, so she just called me whenever there was something open.  I didn't even go after the internship I had during college.  I put my resume on and hoped for the best.  Somehow it's all worked out.  But I think it might be time to figure out exactly what it is that I want to do and to go after it. 

I don't know if this post is babbley or backwards or if it makes sense.  I'm not even sure how I got from point A to point B on this one.  I guess it really is time for some self-exploration (get your minds out of the gutter).  Sorry for the serious turn...please go back to the balls post.