Thursday, July 29, 2010


I took the deal-I've decided to keep Match.  I have been emailing this guy who might be too much crazy for me.  It was fine for the first couple of messages.  He won't tell me his name.  I've asked him twice.  TWICE.  I can undterstand missing it once in an email.  And the last couple have seem rushed to me and really short (like 2 lines).  It's weird.  He did tell me he had some recent head trauma.  I may need to leave this one alone.

I applied for a job.  In the city.  It's working for a blog that talks about fun stuff to do in Philly.  Kind of awesome?  Yes.  I love the neighborhood the office is in.  So we'll see how that goes.  My mind is already racing with the possiblities and they haven't even emailed me back yet.

Why is there so much new tv on tonight?  I'm hoping I get home in time to watch one of the 10 o'clock shows.  I'm really into Royal Pains, but Jersey Shore starts tonight!  Gotta love TV that's so bad it's good.  I'm going to have to catch Project Runway on demand or something, though.  Because they moved it to 9.  They moved Big Bang Theory to Thursdays in the fall.  I might have to quit job #2 so I can watch it.  And Glee.


  1. It's good to see someone as dedicated to crazy guys as I am.

    I too would quit my job if I had to so I could watch The Big Bang Theory. I wouldn't miss a minute of Sheldon! (and you thought the crazy guy I was referring to was the one you've been emailing. Bazinga)

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  3. Head trauma could work to your advantage or against it. Seems like in this case, you should RUN the other way :)