Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our E-Mail Server is Down, So I'm Posting Instead of Doing Actual Work

Navy guy didn’t get in touch. NEXT. I’m ok with it. He didn’t like baseball anyway. (Speaking of baseball, Victoria’s Secret had their MLB series sweats 40% off. So comfy and soft and warm). I’m beginning to realize how very little time I have for dating anyone that’s not within a 15 minute radius of me. I’m definitely not going to renew, but I’ll keep my profile up until it expires (at the end of October, I think). Maybe when I’m not working two jobs I’ll try it again.

A friend at job #1 said she had a dream that I met a guy at job #2. I’m reasonably sure it’s not my customer crush since he makes me nervous and I can hardly talk to him. Seriously, I can feel my face heat up after 2 minutes. At any rate, I’m hoping she’s psychic.

I’m kind of wishing that the yoga class I’m taking met more than once a week. I’m not sore anymore and I’m anxious to try the poses again. Hopefully soon I’ll master keeping my arms where they’re supposed to be, getting my back to be flat, and not turning my hips out. I wish I could remember the sequence to try at home. For now I guess I can stick with Sun Salutation.

I’m excited to try new things. Remember the aerial acrobatics thing I got? Well now I’ve gotten one for pole dancing (they call it aerobics or something, but we all know- time to break out the hooker heels!)

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed, but my brain’s a little disjointed today, so it’s only fitting. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!

PS-My horoscope is always so ecouraging.  Too bad "socializing" means job #2 and ugly uniform today...

*The planets of romance, Mars and Venus, are in tune today, so don't hesitate to share the way you feel or be too cautious. A chance encounter with someone who is on your wavelength could also have far-reaching repercussions. An in-depth conversation shows the way ahead. So plan to socialize this evening, as the stars are on your side where all romantic and emotional issues are concerned.*


  1. Pole dancing?? Are we looking at job #3?? ;)

  2. HIGH FIVES for pole dancing! We are going to have to compare notes. I wish you lived down here so we could go to the same class!

    And BOOOO on Navy Guy. His loss. I could never date a man that didn't like football, so I understand.

  3. I don't see why you set this 15 minute radius. You should explore further.. just with the condition "Must be willing to travel and meet your routine"

    No, I don't think that's too much to ask.

  4. sweatpants are just about my new favorite thing. weird i know, but I got this really great Paul Frank pair from Target. Anyway, the guy thing.... I want you to talk to your customer crush. You never know. He may turn out to be married but still cute and maybe will even pay a nice compliment that reminds you look for the next one.