Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall and Birthdays and Rants, Oh My!

The touch of fall we're having today is reminding me of everything I love about the change in the seasons.  One of my favorite things about each of the seasons is how it smells.  I love the smell of snow in the winter, the flowers in the spring, fresh cut grass in summer, and the smell of the leaves in the fall.  Yes, I can smell the difference when they're changing.

I get excited for the chance to wear boots and sweaters again.  And scarves!  They take the place of necklaces in the winter because my office is always freezing.  Usually I'll miss the beach, flip-flops, and the sun on my skin.  But this year (and I think it's pretty universal) I can't wait for it to cool off. 

September's a big month.  My birthday is coming up.  I'm turing 25.  I don't think I'm wear I thought I'd be at 25, even though I don't really have a life plan.  My mom's visiting for the bday (mine and my brother's (his is the day before mine)).  I'm hoping 25 is a big year.  I really want to cross some stuff off my life list.  Like driving cross-country.  I've never been to Vegas or California, so I'd love to hit both those places on a road trip.

Also, the change in the seasons is remind me how badly I'm doing with my 2010 goals.  I really need to get on that stuff...

Also, I need to fit in this mini-rant:

I have been incredibly out of sorts the last few days. Yesterday, I went over to the mall to pick up new yoga pants ($15 at Old Navy), and went into Charlotte Russe to get a super cute owl necklace (I've been obsessed with the idea since Salt did her Hooty giveaway). Turns out I forgot my wallet. I have never forgotten my wallet in my adult life. So I had to leave my awesome parking spot (it was raining) and run home and grab my monies. Luckily I live all of 5 minutes from the mall. Then I get my necklace, get my yoga pants and run to the bank. I got home and took a shower and talked to Big Pappa (almost-doctor-guy) for a while. I got to remove the tags from my yoga pants and one pair was an extra small-on a medium hanger. So now I get to go back. UGH. On the bright side, they're ridiculously comfortable, and I'm excited to start yoga in a couple of weeks!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Thinking About Running Away With the Circus...

I have a Life List.  It currently has about 30 items on it.  One of these items is to try aerial acrobatics. Which is this:

Courtesy picsdigger.com

Imgine my surprise and delight when I open my e-mail yesterday and my daily deal from livingsocial.com is half off an introductory class at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.  I'm excited to be a step closer to crossing an item off of The List.  (Frankly, I will be surprised if I can hold myself up on the rope for any significant length of time.)

I quickly sent the link to my college biffle as we had been discussing trying this together.  I really could hardly contain my excitement.

Sidenote: the school also offers a stretching class.  I imagine this to be clowns doing yoga.  I apologize for that image, but I really just had to share it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Mini Posts Equals 1 Regular Post...Yes?

Nothing hugely exciting has really happened over the last week.  Unless you count buying a new purse.  Which I do.  I got this beauty in tan at DSW on Saturday.  I got it in tan.  It's Audrey Brooke 100% leather and it smells so good.  It was only...wait for it...$15.  Thank you 80% off clearance.


My mom called me the other day to ask me to be executor of her and my step dad's will.  Happy thoughts.  Hopefully we won't have to worry about that for a long time.  On the bright side, she's coming up to PA (from Florida) to visit for my and my brother's birthdays.  We're only a year and a day apart, so it's pretty convenient.  I'm really excited because 1-I haven't seen her since April and 2-It's an excuse to take off of work.  I wish my step dad was coming, too.

I finally got a new phone!  I got the Samsung reality, so now I can get on the facebook and the twitter whilst at work.  I was a little annoyed with Verizon and FedEx.  Verizon has a rule that you can't pick your stuff up at the facility until there's a delivery attempt.  Stupid?  Yes.  So FedEx leaves a post-it note thingy on my door (there is NO way they rang the bell without my uncle hearing them, I think she assumed no one was there.  Or she knocked softly.) saying I could pick it up after 4:30.  So I go over.  Truck's not back yet.  Third time's a charm, I finally got it.

I've been car shopping.  It's terribly overwhelming.  I hate big purchase decisions like this.

Monday, August 9, 2010


As some of you know, Cher at The Only Girl held a give away for the Canadian wonder that is the butter tart.   In case you don't know what they are, go here.

I made this for Cher instead of doing actual work at work.

So anycalories, after A LOT of paperwork (on Cher's end (thanks again!!))--did you know that butter tarts need a passport?--I got them today!   And I couldn't wait to try one.  They're delicious!  They taste kind of like shoofly pie, but without the crumbly stuff on top.  BUT, these had raisins in them.  And I loves me some raisins.

I'm shocked and appalled that we do not have butter tarts in the US.  I plan on finding a good recipe and making some of my own.  And also some shoofly pie.  Hi, I'm going to be 300 pounds.

In completely unrelated news....I got an e-mail on Match last week from a guy whose user name is "LittleG".  He's 4'8".  I don't know what to do with that.