Monday, September 27, 2010

6 Reasons I'm In A Good Mood Even Though It's Monday

Reasons I am in a good mood:

1-The Phillies are National League-Eastern Division Champs for the 4th year running (and we're in a seriously good division).  Fingers crossed we make it to the World Series again.

2a-I'm in week 3 of yoga and I feel like I'm improving.  The instructor hardly had to adjust me today.  I am still struggling with the heat some.  When I got home today and took my hair down (I had it in french braided pig-tails to keep it out of my face) it was wet all the way through with sweat.  Sexxy, I know. 

2b-Mondayoga is perfect because it lets me clear my head for an hour and a half.  You're so concentrated on the poses (and the heat) that everything falls by the wayside for a short time.  It also leaves me feeling positive even though I know I have a 15 hour day ahead of me tomorrow.

3-I had a fun weekend with my mom visiting.  (Downside-it was a short visit and my step-dad couldn't come).  Hopefully they'll be able to visit soon.

4-It's starting to feel like Fall.  Loves it.  I'm excited for boots and scarves and hats.  Friday (if schedules work out) we're taking my cousin to this fall fest kickoff thingy at a local farm.  There's a story teller and a lighting of the pumpkin.  And homemade ice cream.  Mmmmm.

5-I turned 25 last week.  I don't know if that counts as putting me in a "good" mood.  But I got a massage and pedicure on my bday and that put me a good mood.  Also, my coworkers are amazeballs and got me an ice cream cake AND a Hello Kitty coloring and activity book. (Because how stressed can you be while coloring?  Exactly.  I highly recommend going to your local dollar store or Target and getting a coloring book and some Crayola crayons and chilling out.

6-I'm knitting again and getting back into some crafty stuff.  I really need to start an Etsy.  I have a pile of homemade dishcloths and a ton of yarn waiting to be knitted into more (and scarves, and two started blankets(Also, my brother has requested one.  We'll see, I have a short attention span when it comes to knitting, so blankets take a while.).)

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  1. Go Phillies! I hope you score lots of touchdowns or hit lots of home runs or get plenty of slam dunks or whatever it is you do!

    Your birthday sounds like it was awesome. I'm so taking a Hello Kitty colouring book to work one day. Just to see the looks people give me.