Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I Heart the Dirty Jerz

I was in Jersey over the weekend.  I had my aunt's house to myself and got to enjoy the quiet and relax.  Some of my favorite things about the shore:
  1. My aunt's got a hot tub on an enclosed porch so it can be used even when it's cold or raining.
  2. The beach access is two blocks away.  And it's called Lois Lane--loves it.
  3. The beach isn't super crowded.  There's a busy part up near the main part of the town, but the part that's right by the house is pretty quiet and relaxing.
  4. The outside shower.  I like to commune with nature.  It's all enclosed so you don't have to worry about someone watching you like a creeper.
  5. The fridge and freezer is always stocked.  And I can eat whatever I want.  
  6. There's a bar not too far away.  So I can head down that way with friends and not have to worry about driving.
  7. It's not too far from AC, so I can head up there if I feel like gambling (which is hardly ever).
I'm headed back down that way for the three-day weekend with one of my friends.  Sooo excited.


  1. Sooooo jealous! What if I were to meet you there? Would you call the cops?

  2. I like the idea of a hot tub on an encolsed porch. It's like all the fun of hot tubbing outside without really being outside.

    Kind of like the outdoor shower.