Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

DUN DUN.  I do love me some Beatles.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I know. This can’t lead to anything good…can it? Well, hopefully it does. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to be/do when I grow up. Not an easy task. I’m one of those people that are kind of good at everything, but has never excelled or fell in love with anything. At least not anything practical that can be made into a career. I feel like I have a few paths I can go down, maybe eventually I’ll travel all of them. But here are my options (I think):

Option 1: Stay where I am. Keep working two jobs and living with my aunt so I can pay off debt and save for a new car. Keep being so busy and tired that I hardly have time to sleep and go to the gym, let alone see my friends as much as I’d like. This is not the most favorable option. The bright side to this one is that there have been rumors that they want me to start doing more marketing stuff and get me out of product photography/descriptions. No one has actually said anything directly to me. One of my coworkers, who is going to start doing marketing, told me. So there’s nothing concrete. But she said the timeline is about six months.

Option 2: Update the ol’ resume, post it on Monster, and start sending it out to PR firms in the city. City job = city apartment. Then I wouldn’t have to buy a new car and have insurance and all that jazz. This is very favorable. I think I’d be good in PR. Perhaps if I got good at it, I could open my own consulting firm or something (in the very distant future),  I could also apply in DC or New York, but that's WAY out of my comfort zone...which could be a good thing.  I do have a couple of cousins living in DC.

Option 3: Quit life and move to Europe for a year. Unfortunately this isn’t very realistic because I have a little thing call EFFING SCHOOL LOANS. I guess I could defer them. This is why I need to win the lottery or marry a rich man.

The first step to any of this is to de-clutter and find little ways of getting more money. So I have a plan before the plan to sell some old clothes, put some old books online, and maybe start an Etsy shop.

Now I just have to gain some focus…I swear I grew some ADD in my twenties. (I guess I could also attribute it to laziness, procrastination, or lack of will drive, but ADD sounds better.)


  1. I think you should save option 3 for when you rpay off the school loans and shoot for option 2. I think you would be brilliant at PR (like Samantha but obv not as slutty!) and should totally go for it!

    I just read on that Philly is the 5th most walkable city in the country and my neighborhood is 22nd of all neighborhoods in the country! Just sayin... ;)

  2. All three options sound good.. because they all amount to some sort of freedom.

    No debt= freedom
    New car= freedom
    City apartment= freedom
    Own consulting place=freedom
    Being in Europe= freedom

    Yeah, I'm not much help. Usually my way of "helping" is to work out which of the options you really want, and then reiterate to you why you should do the one you want to do.

    For some reason I haven't done that today.

    But I'm pretty sure you want to do number two.

    (Teeheee.. "I'm pretty sure you want to do number two" hehehe)

  3. Hmmm - I say go with #2. It sounds way more fun. And while you're still young and single, this is the perfect time to make a drastic change and a fresh start. I will assume that if it doesn't work out, your Aunt would let you move back in with her. So nothing to lose!

    PS Now that I'm back home from vacay, your BTs will be going out Monday. Sorry again about the delay.