Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Scarred

What is it about a restroom door being propped completely open that says “Hey! Why don’t you come pee now!”??

I was working on Sunday night and ended up having to clean and close the dining room-which includes the restrooms. Which is my least favorite job to begin with. My worst fear is walking in on a guy using the urinal, so I always knock 123145 times before I go in, then I move the trash can and prop the door completely open. I had done this, and went into the ladies’ room to clean something and when I went to go back into the men’s room, there was a guy at the urinal.

I ran away. Why would you whip it out in a public bathroom with the door propped all the way open?!?!

Then a few minutes later I was changing the trash can that I had used to prop the door with. The door was open. An older gentleman came walking down to the restroom, so I told him I’d be done in a moment. His response, “That’s ok, I don’t mind if you watch”. Excuse me? “It’s ok, I’ll just use the cube. Don’t tell your father hahaha.” No, no and three times NO. I don’t want to hear old man peeing, let alone see old man pener. Unacceptable. I mouthed “What the f*ck?!?” to my coworker (who was looking down the hall with wide eyes) and ran away.

Perhaps all the weirdoes came out on Halloween? I’ve reached my limit of men attempting to pee in my presence. Hopefully I’ll be closing the bakery this evening.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween (I’m hoping it was better than mine at the very least)!