Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Thinking About Running Away With the Circus...

I have a Life List.  It currently has about 30 items on it.  One of these items is to try aerial acrobatics. Which is this:


Imgine my surprise and delight when I open my e-mail yesterday and my daily deal from is half off an introductory class at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.  I'm excited to be a step closer to crossing an item off of The List.  (Frankly, I will be surprised if I can hold myself up on the rope for any significant length of time.)

I quickly sent the link to my college biffle as we had been discussing trying this together.  I really could hardly contain my excitement.

Sidenote: the school also offers a stretching class.  I imagine this to be clowns doing yoga.  I apologize for that image, but I really just had to share it.


  1. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA clowns doing yoga. the picture in my head is wicked funny! Wow. i know we were friends for a reason. :)

  2. I like the idea of clowns doing yoga. That would make me laugh more than clowns getting out of a tiny car.

    Congrats on the chance to cross something off your list.