Monday, October 25, 2010

I've Reached a Plateau

I’ve lost around 10 pounds. Which is great, but now I’m hovering.  I didn't drop anything last week.  (I didn't gain anything either!) It could be due to the plastic pumpkin that’s taken residence in my office that keeps being refilled by my coworkers (which is very nice of them, but bad for my will power.  Hello Reese's cups!), or the fact that I went to a sushi buffet Friday for dinner. I think I ate my body weight in sushi. Then I topped it off with a crepe. Because why wouldn’t a Japanese sushi buffet have crepes? Who cares? They’re delicious.

That’s my problem though. If it’s there, I will eat it. This is true of anything I find yummy-not just baked goods. I’ve been known to pick at the bowl of green beans while talking after dinner at the table. And it really REALLY doesn’t help that my second job is at a bakery. I have a bad habit of taking a bit of something and throwing the rest away. Unfortunately I do it with 5 things that I think look good that day. I really am on working on that. I’ve been munching on pickles (no points on Weight Watchers) instead of cookies.

I’m going to try to lose a few extra points than where I’d like to be before the holidays. That way I can eat all the deliciousness and not feel too guilty about it. Seconds on pie? Please and thank you!


  1. Good to know that pickles have no points. They are already one of my favorite snacks.

    Congrats on the 10 pounds lost! If you are worried about the plateau try changing up whatever exercise you are doing a little bit. That usually helps me.

  2. I'd say 10 pounds is great! Well done. I'd consider a little cutting down myself, if I didn't love food so much.

  3. Ugh. This time of the year is so dang hard to control eating. GL. I hope you can do it for the both of us.

    WTG on your 10 laready, though!!

  4. congrats on the 10 ell bees!!

    i totally do the same thing- if there is food in front of me, i will pick at it. i am trying to make small changes right now myself, it is tough to stick to with halloween candy everywhere!!