Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall and Birthdays and Rants, Oh My!

The touch of fall we're having today is reminding me of everything I love about the change in the seasons.  One of my favorite things about each of the seasons is how it smells.  I love the smell of snow in the winter, the flowers in the spring, fresh cut grass in summer, and the smell of the leaves in the fall.  Yes, I can smell the difference when they're changing.

I get excited for the chance to wear boots and sweaters again.  And scarves!  They take the place of necklaces in the winter because my office is always freezing.  Usually I'll miss the beach, flip-flops, and the sun on my skin.  But this year (and I think it's pretty universal) I can't wait for it to cool off. 

September's a big month.  My birthday is coming up.  I'm turing 25.  I don't think I'm wear I thought I'd be at 25, even though I don't really have a life plan.  My mom's visiting for the bday (mine and my brother's (his is the day before mine)).  I'm hoping 25 is a big year.  I really want to cross some stuff off my life list.  Like driving cross-country.  I've never been to Vegas or California, so I'd love to hit both those places on a road trip.

Also, the change in the seasons is remind me how badly I'm doing with my 2010 goals.  I really need to get on that stuff...

Also, I need to fit in this mini-rant:

I have been incredibly out of sorts the last few days. Yesterday, I went over to the mall to pick up new yoga pants ($15 at Old Navy), and went into Charlotte Russe to get a super cute owl necklace (I've been obsessed with the idea since Salt did her Hooty giveaway). Turns out I forgot my wallet. I have never forgotten my wallet in my adult life. So I had to leave my awesome parking spot (it was raining) and run home and grab my monies. Luckily I live all of 5 minutes from the mall. Then I get my necklace, get my yoga pants and run to the bank. I got home and took a shower and talked to Big Pappa (almost-doctor-guy) for a while. I got to remove the tags from my yoga pants and one pair was an extra small-on a medium hanger. So now I get to go back. UGH. On the bright side, they're ridiculously comfortable, and I'm excited to start yoga in a couple of weeks!


  1. OH NO! I hate getting an article of clothing home and finding out it was on the wrong hanger. It's happened to me once or twice before. As has buying the wrong sized pair of shoes that ended up in my size shoe box.

    I'm excited for you to start yoga too and I'm also excited to know that yoga pants are only $15 at Old Navy.

    Please to be posting a picture of this adorable owl!

  2. I love Old Navy yoga pants!! So comfy :) My shopping pet peeve is getting home and finding out there is one of those sensor things on there. UGH! And you can't get it off without one of the squeezer things at the store...drives me insane!!

  3. I love scarves. I rarely wear them myself, but they do look good on people. Something about the scarf.. very stylish.

    I've done the "wrong size" thing before, but luckily it was with singlets. They might have been XS when I got them, but after wearing them for a few weeks I'm pretty sure I've stretched them out to at least S.

  4. We only have two seasons. I like the smell of summer.


  5. I love boots! that is the best part of fall. I also am a fan of jackets and blazers, so i look forward to those too!

    Hooray for fall!

  6. ok so weird. i am turning 30 this month and one of my goals was to get the vegas and california! so look at it this way, as long as you get there by 30, you'll be ahead of me! ;)

    also, i just told the surferwife i feel like my brain is just kinda floating around inside my head all willy nilly. must be something about fall coming. well, let's blame that, shall we?