Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Kind of Boring (in a good way) Long Weekend.

I am very munchy today. Which would be normal for a Tuesday-had I gone to yoga last night (I skipped due to massive headache which took 4 excedrin and a bath to make any better). I had a long weekend. My office was closed for Columbus Day. Friday I watched Project Runway and Big Bang Theory (from Thursday night…stupid job #2) and the Phillies game. We won! Sorry, Cincinnati (no I’m not).

Saturday I took my aunt to the airport and ran some errands, then had a biffle date with Coconuts (one of my besties from middle/high school). We kicked it old school-dinner at Applebee’s, then to the Regal 24 for a movie. But not before hitting Target for snacks. Helloooooo middle/high school flashback! Except this time my mom didn’t have to drop me off.

Sunday was filled with laundry and baking. And work. Which was busy. Because both the football and baseball games were late. We can judge pretty well when we’ll be busy based on game times, which is kind of nice. Monday I watched NCIS, then ran around a little, mostly just to be outside. I was going to head to the park and sit outside and read, but it got hotter than I thought and I would have died from heat exhaustion. Probably. Or not.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!



  1. Sounds nice and pretty relaxing. I hope to have one of those myself this weekend. A day off yesterday would have been nice also.

  2. I'm envious of weekends like that. I've been traveling so much that I barely get to relax on the weekends!

    Looking forward to the Lincecum-Halladay showdown...GO GIANTS!!!! (yeah, I said it).