Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Technology

I'm a Mac who is poor and now uses a netbook because it would have been to expensive to update my 6 year old iBook G4 to make it run things correctly.  My system apparently got too old to even watch YouTube videos.  But I still love it.  So now I'm a MPaC (or something).
I still have all of my photos and music on my iBook, but have switched to doing all internet-related anything on the netbook. Which is all of 3 pounds and fits in my purse, so it's great for taking places (my mac is about 47 pounds and I have some residual damage from carting it to school).  Anywho, I got this really special malware something that has caused my Google to be messed up.  Whenever I Google something, the regular search list comes up, but it gets redirected to other sites.  It's really the bane of my existence when all I want to do is check baseball or hockey scores, find some new shoes, or something equally important. 
I have two virus scanner thingies and neither have fixed it.  It's not preventing me from reading blogs or anything, so much as it's annoying.  I've been preoccupied with that (and catching up on Glee!) to write any real posts, but I'll get back to normal once I get the computer issues figured out.  Vengeance will be mine!


  1. I think I have that exact same obsolete G4, and I still love mine too even though when I use it now it practically catches on fire. Thankfully, I also have an iMac. Ahhh sweet computers that are immune to viruses!

    I hope everything gets sorted out! My husband recently had some virus issues with his PC, but I can't remember how he corrected it. (I'm so much help, I know.)

  2. My computer's been having issues with minimizing then maximizing the window every time I hit a key. I've had this thing for about 6 years now too. I've been thinking of getting something else, but meh.

  3. I am hurt that you have not told me that your computer is virused/asked me to help. You know i do this for a living right? If you give me the name of the program that has taken over your computer i can fix it. Also, have you installed Malware Bytes to remove it? Best. Removal software. ever. Seriously, email me for help. ~katie