Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Stuffs

My computer still has the sads.  My college biffle tried to fix it, but it's a stubborn bastard and isn't having it.  Anywho, my weekend wasn't bad.  I was sick Thursday, so I left work at noon and didn't go to job #2.  I had a doctor's appointment Friday in the AM, so I could sleep in a little.  Except I couldn't eat breakfast because they were taking blood. 

Then I did a whole lot of nothing on Friday night.  Between Thursday and Friday, I watched more TV in one sitting that I have in a long time.  Saturday CB (college biffle) and I went a-malling.  I only bought 2 things (plus food) which is amazing for me.  Usually I talk myself into why I need things, as opposed to why I don't.

I got a drunken text message after midnight on Saturday night which woke me up.  Because I'm old (apparently).  Who the text was from is a whole other story.  I haven't decided if I'm going to share that whole thing yet, if ever.

The weekend was pretty much hot and sticky and I spent a lot time in doors.  Why did we skip the nice summer weather?  Hoping it's not so sticky this coming Friday--I'm going to Hershey Park!  Be jealous.


  1. Um I am fully jealous. I had an invite to Kings Dominion this weekend and I can't go. It IS supposed to be wicked hot again though!

    I definitely think you should share the text. :)

  2. People are still up after midnight?

    I thought that ended in 2006. At least it did for me.

  3. Please tell me Hershey Park is made of Hershey chocolate! I would be sooo jelly.
    Are you on Polyvore too? I love that place. Its the only place I feel artistic.