Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boy-Type Post

I went out with Wants-to-be-a-doctor-man last weekend. He’s nice, but, I don’t know, he’s not what I’m looking for. He had mentioned a second date, but hasn’t called me or anything. I’d go out with him again, but I’m not going to go out of my way to get in contact with him.

I’ve sent three e-mails to other match-men (MM’s) today and have been checking my e-mail way too much. It’s partially ADD, partially their profile were different from the ones I’ve been reading lately. What I normally get is:

  • I love baseball and love the watch the Phillies! (Who doesn’t?) 
  • I’m a runner (I am not) 
  • I like movies/music/tv (so do most people…) 
  • I work out 2414351 times week (I go maybe 3 times a week, and am not hardcore but at all) 
  • I love my job and am on a super serious path and my life is totally planned out (no).

And I keep getting older than I’d like “winks”. Like 45. That is too old. You could be my father, even though you are good looking*. Double NO.

*I would only be ok with a 20+ age gap for one, George Clooney.

In other boy-related news. I saw my ex-boyfriend at a bar on Sunday. We ignored each other. Like adults.



  1. OMG. Don't even get me started on "winking". I have always thought it was like the creepiest thing. And I always got winks from grandpas when in my profile it said right there that I didn't want to talk to you if you were over 35.

    I actually got mean email from an older guy once who called me a jerk for having an age preference.

    Here's to hoping you do better than I did. :)

  2. I think it's great you and your ex are at that place where you can mutually ignore each other. One of my friends had to go out of her way to pretend she didn't see her ex the other day.. playing with her phone, going through her handbag.. like really, grow up and snub them like a real person.

    I like TV = I don't get out much.

    I know that because in a job interview I was once asked what my hobbies were, and my first thought was "Shit, I don't get out much" so I quickly answered.. "Ahhh.. TV"

    I did not get that job.

  3. Hey, was reading Hyperbole and a Half and noticed "Beckles" so thought I should check out your blog (I get called Beccles from friends you see, this excited me, lol), anyway... I know exactly what you mean about Match, I was on there for a good while(about a year)and I had gone on a few dates (a few were just dreadful, one talked about his ex the whole time and another criticised everything I liked and did, they were not seen again) but most of the time I would get older men winking and sending really inappropriate emails. I was almost about to quit until, one night, I checked who had been looking at my profile and this guy who was into everything I was into etc was one of them that had viewed me. We sent emails, met up and instantly knew that we were pretty good together. This month we'll be going out for a year and it's been great :)

    Hope you have some joy too :)