Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday AKA Look at My Adorable Cousin Day

It's time for another Wordless Wednesday.  And since I saw the little one last weekend, you get to see more of her.  I apologize in advance, feel free to skip.

I really love this photo. I also really want a better camera.

I saw this guy in a crosswalk in Philly.  I don't know why, but I find it entertaining.

Monday, September 27, 2010

6 Reasons I'm In A Good Mood Even Though It's Monday

Reasons I am in a good mood:

1-The Phillies are National League-Eastern Division Champs for the 4th year running (and we're in a seriously good division).  Fingers crossed we make it to the World Series again.

2a-I'm in week 3 of yoga and I feel like I'm improving.  The instructor hardly had to adjust me today.  I am still struggling with the heat some.  When I got home today and took my hair down (I had it in french braided pig-tails to keep it out of my face) it was wet all the way through with sweat.  Sexxy, I know. 

2b-Mondayoga is perfect because it lets me clear my head for an hour and a half.  You're so concentrated on the poses (and the heat) that everything falls by the wayside for a short time.  It also leaves me feeling positive even though I know I have a 15 hour day ahead of me tomorrow.

3-I had a fun weekend with my mom visiting.  (Downside-it was a short visit and my step-dad couldn't come).  Hopefully they'll be able to visit soon.

4-It's starting to feel like Fall.  Loves it.  I'm excited for boots and scarves and hats.  Friday (if schedules work out) we're taking my cousin to this fall fest kickoff thingy at a local farm.  There's a story teller and a lighting of the pumpkin.  And homemade ice cream.  Mmmmm.

5-I turned 25 last week.  I don't know if that counts as putting me in a "good" mood.  But I got a massage and pedicure on my bday and that put me a good mood.  Also, my coworkers are amazeballs and got me an ice cream cake AND a Hello Kitty coloring and activity book. (Because how stressed can you be while coloring?  Exactly.  I highly recommend going to your local dollar store or Target and getting a coloring book and some Crayola crayons and chilling out.

6-I'm knitting again and getting back into some crafty stuff.  I really need to start an Etsy.  I have a pile of homemade dishcloths and a ton of yarn waiting to be knitted into more (and scarves, and two started blankets(Also, my brother has requested one.  We'll see, I have a short attention span when it comes to knitting, so blankets take a while.).)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mice Are Gross, But Now I'm Much More Organized-Silver Lining?

This weekend kind of blew. I wasn’t feeling well Friday, so I didn’t go out. Instead I watched Jersey Shore and World of Jenks on MTV (World of Jenks is actually pretty good.) and went to bed early. Saturday I spent the day running around, went to Target, the gym, did laundry—that’s my version of GTL. I got the third season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD. I was watching it Saturday night when I heard a rustling in the next room over. I didn’t think much of it. I thought a bag was settling since I was organizing a bit over there (as per my 2010 goals). But then I heard it again. So I turned on the light and I see a mouse.

I HATE MICE. That’s the one thing that gets me. Spiders and other assorted bugs don’t bother me, but anything rodent-like grosses me out. I was keeping some baking supplies in that bag. It got into the graham crackers I had to make my not-yet-world-famous s’ mores brownies. So I threw all that away and anything else food-like that was up there, even if there was no sign of vermin invasion. (PS I googled getting rid of mice and they don’t like the smell of mint. Good thing I usually have a pack of gum in my purse and/or on my night stand). Anywho, that sparked a cleaning spree like I haven’t had in a while. Including dusting.

On the bright side, I got that room organized and some boxes cleaned out, and most of my bedroom done before I had to go to work. Next I have to tackle the boxes I have stored in the other rooms. (We have a big house. I’m on the third floor. There’s my bedroom, the room that has the stairs and my books, a store room that has bulk items-shampoo, toilet paper-and assorted Christmas decorations, and another bedroom that currently is filled with boxes of who knows what).  Also, my house is over 300 years old.  We were bound to get a mouse at some point.

I won’t be able to do that this weekend because MY MOM’S COMING TO VISIT! I have off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from BOTH jobs. Exciting. And I’ve scheduled myself to get a massage Thursday. Happy Birthday to me!

PS The mouse was caught. It was in the trap when I got home from yoga last night. I may have gotten my aunt to take of that for me. ( I don’t touch rodents-dead or alive.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our E-Mail Server is Down, So I'm Posting Instead of Doing Actual Work

Navy guy didn’t get in touch. NEXT. I’m ok with it. He didn’t like baseball anyway. (Speaking of baseball, Victoria’s Secret had their MLB series sweats 40% off. So comfy and soft and warm). I’m beginning to realize how very little time I have for dating anyone that’s not within a 15 minute radius of me. I’m definitely not going to renew, but I’ll keep my profile up until it expires (at the end of October, I think). Maybe when I’m not working two jobs I’ll try it again.

A friend at job #1 said she had a dream that I met a guy at job #2. I’m reasonably sure it’s not my customer crush since he makes me nervous and I can hardly talk to him. Seriously, I can feel my face heat up after 2 minutes. At any rate, I’m hoping she’s psychic.

I’m kind of wishing that the yoga class I’m taking met more than once a week. I’m not sore anymore and I’m anxious to try the poses again. Hopefully soon I’ll master keeping my arms where they’re supposed to be, getting my back to be flat, and not turning my hips out. I wish I could remember the sequence to try at home. For now I guess I can stick with Sun Salutation.

I’m excited to try new things. Remember the aerial acrobatics thing I got? Well now I’ve gotten one for pole dancing (they call it aerobics or something, but we all know- time to break out the hooker heels!)

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed, but my brain’s a little disjointed today, so it’s only fitting. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!

PS-My horoscope is always so ecouraging.  Too bad "socializing" means job #2 and ugly uniform today...

*The planets of romance, Mars and Venus, are in tune today, so don't hesitate to share the way you feel or be too cautious. A chance encounter with someone who is on your wavelength could also have far-reaching repercussions. An in-depth conversation shows the way ahead. So plan to socialize this evening, as the stars are on your side where all romantic and emotional issues are concerned.*

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Saturday night I went out with a guy from match, M. We need to pray to the dating gods, people, because I actually liked this one. He’s 27, an engineer for the Navy (he’s not in the Navy, though), lives in a nice little section of the city, and is going to grad school. And he’s funny. Definitely the best date I’ve had since starting this whole thing. I’m giving him until tomorrow before I forget about him.

Last night I went to my first ever yoga class. I’ve done some yoga at home, so it wasn’t my very first experience, but it was my very first experience doing it correctly. It was nice to have the teacher there to adjust me as needed. I have issues with not keeping my "shoulders in my shoulder sockets" and with not keeping my hips straight. And also with my balance apparently. The class is at a dance and gymnastics studio, not a yoga studio, so it’s interesting to see what else I might be able to take there. There were only 4 of us in the class, so it was really a steal for almost-private classes. Oh! And they cranked up the heat in there. So that was a whole new experience as well. I’ve got 9 more classes on my class card, and I am excited. I felt myself improving a little with the teacher’s help, so I’m excited to see how well I can do in 9 more weeks.

My aunt, uncle, and I have also started on the Weight Watchers points system thingy. I don’t want to drastically lose weight, but I do want to get in a healthier range. I lost a couple of pounds last week (even with eating my weight in sushi at the buffet). Between WW, yoga, and the gym I am very optimistic about meeting at least one more of my goals.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boy-Type Post

I went out with Wants-to-be-a-doctor-man last weekend. He’s nice, but, I don’t know, he’s not what I’m looking for. He had mentioned a second date, but hasn’t called me or anything. I’d go out with him again, but I’m not going to go out of my way to get in contact with him.

I’ve sent three e-mails to other match-men (MM’s) today and have been checking my e-mail way too much. It’s partially ADD, partially their profile were different from the ones I’ve been reading lately. What I normally get is:

  • I love baseball and love the watch the Phillies! (Who doesn’t?) 
  • I’m a runner (I am not) 
  • I like movies/music/tv (so do most people…) 
  • I work out 2414351 times week (I go maybe 3 times a week, and am not hardcore but at all) 
  • I love my job and am on a super serious path and my life is totally planned out (no).

And I keep getting older than I’d like “winks”. Like 45. That is too old. You could be my father, even though you are good looking*. Double NO.

*I would only be ok with a 20+ age gap for one, George Clooney.

In other boy-related news. I saw my ex-boyfriend at a bar on Sunday. We ignored each other. Like adults.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wendesday: My Favorite Subject

I love taking photos of my younger cousin.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  I took it last year when we took a trip to the Philly zoo and went up in the Zoo Balloon.