Monday, November 22, 2010

HP7: The Review (ish)

I don't really do movie reviews. I just say whether or not I liked the movie.  I don't like to say much about the movie (or book) for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Anyway, as you know from my previous post-I went to the Harry Potter midnight showing on Thursday/Friday. Without giving anything away-I really liked it. I liked that they used the humor of the actors and thought it was good move. Especially since the second half of the book is more intense and serious. I also thought that it ended at the perfect point and I definitely can’t wait for the next (and last) movie.

As an added bonus to the awesomeness that is HP7, my favorite professor from college was there. I saw him walk into the dimly lit theater-he’s usually pretty easy to spot. He’s always in a suit, always wears a hat, and is always carrying a paper shopping bag or a tote bag. Or several of each. My friend (who didn’t attend my college) didn’t understand why I was so excited. I posted on the Facebook that he was there and my former classmates were both excited and jealous. (PS-he was there with this guy I had a huge crush on my sophomore year. He’s married now, le sigh).

All in all it was a good night. I didn’t fall asleep until about 4am. Then Otis (the dog, not Redding) woke me up at 9:15am because he needed to go out. I slept for 11 hours Friday night. It was glorious.

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