Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Extravaganza

I had a really good weekend last weekend.  Which naturally means I'm exhausted on Monday.  But it's ok, because it was worth it.  Friday I had dinner with some of the girls at the Olive Garden, which is always yummy.  Carbs and seafood are a fantastic combination and I won't have anyone tell me otherwise.  After dinner I headed to Target which is like my Mecca.  Why can't I spend less than $50 there?  I tend to compulsively buy things.  Then it was out to the local sports bar to watch the Flyers go on to victory!  Which is always exciting.  Everyone high-fives and hugs, even if you don't know the people.  There was this woman who wouldn't stop screaming.  Like woo-hoo screaming, but it was at random times.  She was tanked.  It was hilarious.

Then on Saturday I got to be a fairy god mother.  My cousin turned 5, so my aunt threw her a fairy-princess tea party.  Yes there are pictures of me with wings, no I do not have a copy of them yet.   All the girls got transformed into fairy princesses when they got there, and they all looked super cute in their little wings and tiaras.  After the kids' party, there was a family get together.  Which really just means I spend 8 1/2 hours getting beat up by 5 year olds.  Huzzah.  But she's my little cheeseball and I like to make her happy and her birthdays special.

Sunday I recouperated a little from being a human jungle gym.  And then I had to go to job #2.  Where the air condition has been broken for the last week and a half.  Which is awesome in 90+ degree weather.  And there were more males than usual working, so I got sexually harassed a lot more than on any given day.  I was really only creeped out by one of the three guys that was there, I'm pretty good friends with the other two, so usually I can just make some snarky comment and then walk away.  But on the bright side, the customer I have a ginormous crush on came in.  He's just so good-looking :::sigh:::.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  :)


  1. You're lucky you were able to walk on Sunday. :)
    Now what's this about a crush on a customer? Give him your number!!

  2. My niece is only two at the moment.. it'll be interesting when she gets to 4 or 5 and starts having all these weird girly parties.

    Sucks about your air conditioner. The same thing happened at my work one summer. It is not cool. *Zing*