Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Current Loves/Obsessions

1.       All of the leaves and fallness going on. I’m so glad we didn’t skip right to winter. Well, actually I’m glad we circled back to fall (re October snow).
2.       Once Upon a Time and Grimm. They’re taking all my favorite Disney movies and making them kind of dark and twisty. I’m a little in love with it. Grimm’s not as creepy as I thought it would be.
3.       I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning again. I stopped after season 5 (I think-whenever they killed George.) Apparently it’s getting good again, so I’m going to get myself caught up.
4.       Knitting. I’m in a groove. I want to knit everything.
5.       Finding a dark red or maroon sweater dress that has long or ¾ sleeves. I had no idea how difficult this would be. Maybe I’ll try to knit one. Or not. I’m not a gauge checker.
6.       Adele’s album. Why did it take me so long to download it? Specifically “One and Only”. This song makes me wish I could sing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here Comes the Sun…At 6:15 am

I hate fall back time. I’d much rather drive to work in the dark. It being dark at 5:30 makes me tired.  When it’s darker later in the morning on the weekends I sleep in better. 
I guess there’s nothing I can really do about it. Short of refusing to accept it. I could always move to Arizona. They don’t follow it. Is there anything to do in Arizona? Apparently this is Standard time, though.  I don’t like standard.
On the bright side, yoga was much less crowded Sunday. I don’t know if I can thank Daylight Savings for that or not. But it worked out. I also got a little braver in class. I decided that since I didn’t feel like going and almost skipped (and there were less people), I’d push myself a little bit more. I got myself into two full binds and flipped my dog*. I’ve always been afraid that a) I’d kick my neighbor, or b) I wouldn’t be able to unflip.
*When you’re in downward dog: go into down dog split, stack your hips, and flip your free leg over. Google it.
On the bright side, I got a lot done over the weekend. Errands and such. And even had some relaxing time to watch movies and continue knitting projects. I do need to make an effort to go out with my friends though. I don’t want to go into Winter hermit mode just yet. The freak October snowstorm threw me off (Probably. Might have been laziness. Could really go either way.).