Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caffeine or Alcohol?

We went with caffeine.

I met up with Bachelor #2 last night.  We talked for about two hours.  He's nice and we can hold a conversation, but I didn't feel the overwhelming urge to make out or anything.  At this point I'm feeling pretty neutral. 

I added new pictures and since then Bachelor #1 hasn't e-mailed me.  Curious.  This  could be because he's busy (he's moving this weekend) or because he's an asshole.  Can't be sure yet. (Update:  Not an asshole.  Just busy moving.)

The third guy is eh.  haven't really talked to him much.

Then there's #4-who has been kind of floating in the background.  He had been traveling, so I haven't been hearing much from him. But we'll see.

And we have a new one, my friends.  This one works at a local hospital and will be going to medical school.  He thinks he wants to go into family medicine.  He's 24.

To be continued (apparently).

Votes so far?

PS.  I'll add a photo of my (new) trimmed up hair.  When I'm not being lazy.  Today I was really lazy and just pulled it back.

1 comment:

  1. I think you have to give Bachelor #1 and assume he's busy moving. You don't want to stick the asshole hat on somebody too soon. (You guys don't make assholes wear hats over there? Really? Then how do you warn other people that the asshole is an asshole?)

    With 2 and 3 being kind of neutral at the moment, I'm voting for 1,4 and 5 - and then when you spend time with them and find out more about them, narrow the field.