Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Faves (Plus Some Not-So-Faves)

Happy Friday!  It's rainy and gross here in PA and I wish I was in bed instead of at my desk, but c'est la vie, mes amis!

  • It's soup weather! I had some tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner last night, and it was awesome.
  • Chocolate covered/cocoa dusted almonds. Because it's the perfect snack at 9:30 in the morning.
  • Spending time with my half sister, Amber! Even though we didn't grow up together and we havne't seen each other face-to-face in 10 years we're so much alike that we have a great time when we DO get to see each other.
  • The Phillies game last Saturday. Even though they lost. Horribly.
  • Having a short week.
  • Talking to my friend's mom who's a realtor and figuring out what I need to do in order to be able to buy. Can't do it yet-but I have the direction and goals I need to get the ball rolling.
  • Being sick on my birthday. Waking up at 4 am to what I think was a touch of the stomach flu was NOT FUN. Especially on a day normally reserved for celebrating. I did not get to have my birthday dinner.
  • The psychic I saw with Amber in Philly who told me she'd clear up my murky aura for $50.
  • Job number two. It kind of feel like it's eating away at my soul. I need to get a side hustle figured out, pronto. Especially since I've decided to save for a house.
How's your week been?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Faves

Kristen has done her Friday faves for the last couple of weeks, so I'm stealing her idea following her example and putting a few of mine out there this week.

  • The lovely crispness in the air the last few mornings. I love this time, espcially since I know that it will turn a little too chilly all too soon.
  • It's my birthday weekend! I'm heading to Phillies game tomorrow-maybe they'll win and continue making their way up in the wild card standings.
  • Seeing my biffle and her baby after work today.
  • All the yoga! I did my first Vinyasa class last Saturday after a far too long break. I forgot how hard it is to jump back into those.
  • The dress I bought for my friend's wedding in November arrived last night.
And last but certainly not least....

My sister is visiting from Texas on Monday and Tuesday.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Win a 12-day Trip to Europe? Yes, please!

No, I'm not giving you a 12-day trip to Europe, but have you heard about the giveaway that Nomadic Matt is doing? He’s handing out an amazing trip that includes airfare. What? Who does that? Awesome people, that’s who.

The trip includes Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. All super old cities with awesome old buildings, castles, and hopefully still have some cobbled roads. I basically want this trip because every single photo I’ve seen of each of these cities is awe-inspiring. And I’ve been dying to get to Europe. Plus, my birthday is later this month and wouldn't this be the BEST birthday present ever? I think so.

I want to go to Vienna so I can try Vienna sausage, Viennese waltz, and sing while running through the Alps like Maria. Oh wait, that was Salzburg, not Vienna. Are they close? No? Might have to take a little detour. My aunt visited Vienna and the photos were ah-maze-ing. I want to see those gorgeous palaces and learn what I can about the history of the city and its effect on music. I love classical music and being in the City of Music would be indescribable. This is really the middle city on the trip, but I thought I’d lead off with it because I’ve had the Sound of Music soundtrack in my head since I started thinking about going to Austria. Edelweiss and all that.

Prague is the reason that I don’t even care that the travel time is in the winter. PRAGUE IN THE SNOW? YES, PLEASE! I’m not even a student of architecture and holy beautiful buildings! I didn’t think much about Prague until I saw some photos a couple of years ago. And the buildings, oh the buildings. The rooftop views make me ache to see them for myself. Seriously-Google it. I’ll try to find some good sausage there, too. I love sausage-not those little links you get at iHop either. Hey, I’m Polish (mmm kielbasa) and German (all the wursts!), what do you expect?

Budapest is the last stop (and departing city). I don’t really know much about the city other than it’s on the Danube and it will probably be too cold to swim in it. Plus I just googled Hungarian sausages and they look delicious, so I’m sold. (What is with the sausages? This is what starting a diet does to you! Or just me.)  

One of the biggest reasons for entering this giveaway is that I have a goal to travel solo. It’s been on my list for the last two years, but I haven’t been able to accomplish it because of money and time constraints. Plus, trying to survive alone in 3 countries where I don’t speak any of the languages would be a hoot and a half (this is not sarcastic, I really think it’d be fun and interesting). Eastern European languages are hard though, so we’ll see how that goes. I do know that “prost” is “cheers” in German. All I need to learn now is “bathroom” and I’ll be set.

 Would this trip be scary? For someone who’s only been out of the country once when I was 11-probably a little bit terrifying. Is pepper spray included? You know, just in case?
Want to enter for yourself? All the instructions can be found here.