Monday, March 1, 2010

The Aunts Go Marching 2-by-2

I have a big family.  I love it.  I love family parties and visiting relatives and seeing pictures of my cousins growing up.  Saturday was the first family food fest of 2010.  All of my aunts and my dad were here (I live with one of my aunts in my grandparent's house) for a big family dinner.  That was a total of 20 people--and that's not even including most of my cousins.

All of my cousins, except one, on my dad's side are older than me.  There's a big age difference between my dad and 5 of the oldest aunts, so there's a bit of an age difference between me and my cousins.  Anywho, my cousin brought over his 2 kids.  They're 2 and almost 4 and they make me want to get married and have kids rightthissecond.  Ethan, the 4 year old, made his dad save the seat next to him at dinner so I could sit there (squee!).  We colored, played with cars, and read books.  Also, I think my balance ball is their new favorite toy.

Now for the important stuff.  The menu: shrimp and various dips for appetizers, homemade mac n cheese, homemade pork bbq, cole slaw, chicken, and salad.  And my great grandma's chocolate fudge cake.  I'm going to take a moment to revel in your jealousy.  I'm pretty sure I came out even calorie-wise.  That's why I play with the kids-helps burn off dinner.  Plus I went to the gym....and now I'm sore.

PS  I'm thinking of doing a "Tour de Aunts" at some point.  I've got one in Florida, one in the Outer Banks, one in Delaware, and one in Jersey.  ROAD TRIP!!!


  1. If you do this in late summer, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! i'm thinking late summer because by that time i will be thinner and could do with some fattening up aunt-style!

  2. ugh, stupid blogspot...that last post was me, Katie...i should just get one of these things so i can forget to sign the comments and not be "Anonymous"... ~Katie