Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Optimism is for People Who Don't Work with Jerks and also Why is it Monsoon Season?

Disclaimer:  This is a rant...you've been warned.  There's also some profanity.  Which I don't use all that often.  At least not out loud...or if I'm driving.  We'll save the road rage for another day.
I hate people today.  A LOT.  I have like 4 boxes of product sitting in my office and then I get pulled into a meeting (and now I'm typing a quick post, sue me).  I work for a non-profit and I work on our retail website (yep, non-profit retailer).  We have this nifty site that is hosted by a company in Ireland (I like talking to them on the phone) and we do the products and programming or whatever.  Well I don't do the programming.  I don't speak htmljavascriptwhatever.  I do all the design stuff. 
Anywho--I'm aggravated (to put it mildly) with our I.T. Manager (HP).  HP is technically an outsourced company.  When I started here we had another outsourced company doing our programming, design, and "marketing".  They didn't do much, so we kicked them to curb.  I started to do the design elements and we hired a new programmer.  Who only works part-time, once every three weeks according to my non-scientific calculations.  TT also happens to be HP's son.  Moral business practice?  I think not. TT full time job is that he's a minister.  How can I get mad at a minister.  I can't, it's physically impossible.  I can in theory be irritated that I don't see the changes that I sent to him three weeks ago, but then I speak to him or see him and he's just so wholesome and nice that I lose my nerve and the edge is filed away.  I feel like I'm treading water because people are looking to me for changes and I have to wait on other people.  Awesome.
The president of our company, GM, was also in the meeting.  He described his vision of what he'd like to see on the web.  I feel like it may make a lot of the work I've done over the last 18 months obsolete and leaves me wondering why we've wasted so much money on things the way that they are.  Then HP says "Well we really need to get a full-time programmer...blahblah".  NO SHIT.  I've been saying that for like a year.  Thanks for listening, you condescending asshole. 
HP would like a programmer, but doesn't know where the money will come from.  How about taking a a pay cut?  You only make more than GM and your department has the biggest budget.  I really wish that some people would just get their shit together.
Ok I'm done.
PS. I'll be in Florida this time next week.  Hoping I don't have a heart attack before then.  And that I don't kill someone.  Murder would probably put a damper on my trip.
PPS. Rain makes me sad and I'd like to be at home in bed, but I have to go to job #2 and train someone tonight.  And why did I agree to work Saturday AND Sunday this weekend when it'll be like 80 EFFING DEGREES?  Because I'm an idiot---that's why.

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  1. :( that is a bunch of hooey. They should listen to you more, in my experience you are always right. Don't be upset about the weekend because Saturday you get to hang out in Philly with me! and we can enjoy the weather with celebratory drinks and possibly (definitely) gelato. -Katie