Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Moment of Genius (Probably for the Year)

I've coined a new phrase.  It's going to be epic and take over the "As they say..." category.  One day it will be in the "You know that old saying..." category.  But I just made it up today, so it's still a baby phrase.  Not an old man phrase.  I'm really not making sense, even to myself.  That can't be good.

Okay, here's the set up.  I'm sitting in my office working(ish) and newannoyingbossman comes in to tell me that Pres (the president of our company) just spoke to him and we're going to work on getting the structural foundation of the website (which I work on for job #1) working 100% before I learn flash (Adobe Flash, which I don't know. Yet.)  "We're going to hold off on all the bells and whistles" says NABM.  Then I say (this is my moment of genius...can you feel the tension?)

Wait for it...

"It doesn't make sense to build the bicycle without the wheels".

Bells and whistles...bicycle...get it?

Feel free to use this phrase whenever appropriate.  You're welcome

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