Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wanna Be On Top?

America's Next Top Model premieres tonight.  I love this show...even thought Tyra has been getting crazier and crazier with every season.  I've been watching ever since cycle 2.  If there's a marathon on..there goes my day/night/weekend/social life.
Don't judge me.
Perez Hilton is appearing in tonight's episode apparently.  I don't like him.  Perhaps I'll mute the tv.  There's also some new "reality" show on tonight...High Society.  I'm sure I'll get sucked into that one too.

Updated:  I didn't get sucked in to the other show...I'm old and went to bed.


  1. I love how with every 'cycle' the show is more about how great Tyra is and less and less about how great the models are. And it becomes more cat fighty - something i am always in favor of. Remember the cycle they had the girls all do recreations of different famous Tyra pictures? oh wait that's like every season. For some reason i still love it. -Katie

  2. PS I now have the ANTM theme song stuck in my head. THANKS ;) ~Katie

  3. PPS Have you ever noticed how many times they say "America's Next Top Model" on any given ep? IF you were to play a drinking game you would be passed out in the first 15 minutes. JS ~Katie

  4. Not a huge Perez Hilton fan either, but so excited about the new season!