Monday, March 29, 2010

Food Hangover

I've got a HUGE food hangover yesterday. It's a really strange sensation when combined with the fact that my muscles are kind of achy (hopefully from the gym and not from eating too much).  Anyway, I spent the afternoon and evening on Saturday with my aunt (Chow Pie), my little cousin (Katie), and my uncle. 

Chow Pie was nesting...we made an Italian Feast--from scratch.  Chow Pie had the sauce going when I got there, she threw the meatball ingredients in the bowl and I mixed and rolled them, with the supervision of Katie, of course.  We ended up with 42.  Katie counted them.  Several times.  Chow Pie made the bread sticks and mixed the dough for the pasta.  That's right, we cranked out that pasta ourselves.

All in all I spent about 7 hours over there, which is the norm.  We played, and watched cartoons, and I even gave the little monster a bath.  It's nice to know that I can borrow a kid whenever I'm feeling maternal.  And then I can give her back when she decides to throw a tantrum.  I have pictures also, which aren't loading for me.  Hopefully I can get them to work soon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend =)

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