Monday, March 8, 2010

Have You Any Idea Why A Raven's Like A Writing Desk?

Saturday night I saw Alice in Wonderland.  I liked it...a lot.  Give me Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and/or Helena Bonham Carter and I am a happy camper.  I do feel like Tim Burton was held back some because it was a Disney movie...but I still thought it was good.  I went in with no expectations.  I tried to not read any reviews or anything.  All of the 3-D shows were sold out, so I had to see it in 2-D.  Hopefully I'll get back to see it in 3-D so I can get the whole experience.


I'm no movie critic or student of film, so I'll just say I liked it, and leave it at that.  I always love the imagination that goes into a Tim Burton film.  And Johnny Depp does strange characters so  well.  I really wanted to get up to MOMA to see the exhibit, but I hardly get down to Philly as much as I'd like, let alone NYC.

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  1. There is an exhibit at MOMA for Alice in Wonderland stuff?!?! Why didn't i know this? I almost went to see Alice with some friends but they punked out on me. Story of my life. If you are seeing it again in 3D perhaps we could go together! You know me and Johnny Depp films. yeeeeeessssssss pleeeeeaaaaaassssse! ~Katie