Monday, March 22, 2010

Coconuts, Babies, and Economics.

 Coco is one of biffles (biffles=BFFLs=soul sista*).  That's not her actual name...I just shortened her nickname.  I'm lazy like that.  Anywhatsit, this is text message conversation we had earlier today.  I'm probably not ready for kids yet.

*I've never said "soul sista" before in my life

Coco:  E had her baby today!  (E is one of Coco's old roommates.  She just got married and then had to have babies right away.)

Me:  Ooo good for her!

Me: i want one...i need to get married lol.

Coco:  Lol u serious?! Please come to wic with me one day  (wic is short for women, infants, and's for lower-income families to get help with pediatrics and whatnot)

Me:  i'm gonna have a good baby.

Me:  boyfriend before baby...gotta do that shit in order.

Coco:  Haha hell yea

Coco:  Don't you want to have 3 baby daddys?

Me:  that might make it easier to pay for stuff...

Coco:  It def does

Me:  it's not slutty.  it's economical*.   

*The Mormons got it backward--one wife, multiple husbands would have worked much better.  Maybe polygamy wouldn't have been outlawed.

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  1. lol, what is so awful is that i'm nearly positive that a lot of moms we see in the NICU have this EXACT same conversation and are totally serious about it.

    and, for the record, 3 baby daddys isn't that unusual - but it's not very economical, either :)