Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is Your Nose Running?...Then You Better Go Catch It.

From October right on through to April or so I am on the precipice of being sick.  I feel perpetually crappy, but somehow it never blossoms into a full blown illness.  I intermittently take a multi-vitamin, zinc, and echinacea.  But the trick remembering to do so.  I do, however, drink juice pretty much every day.  I think the vitamin C is what does it. 
There's a girl at job #2, E, who has had more illnesses this winter than I have had in the last 4 years.  First she got the swine flu (which is partially because she kept joking about getting it.  I firmly believe she jinxed herself), then she had bronchitis and/or strep, then pink eye, and now she's got tummy issues.  The tummy issues are a chronic thing--gastrobigmedicalword.  Anywho, being that I work with her 2 days a week, I'm thankful that I haven't gotten any of her diseases.  She's got a 6 year old, so she pretty much gets what he gets.  Huzzah.  This is another reason I don't have kids, yet.  Aside from not having a significant other...details...
I feel the crappiness coming on again.  My nose is stuffy/sneezy/sniffly...I should take some dayquil or something, but I don't like to take medicine for every little thing.  So I'll just drink my grape juice and hug my box of Puffs Plus (with lotion) because they rock and hope that it'll go away.  I'm also hoping that the office will be closed tomorrow because of snow, then I can save my sick days for when I get the plague or pneumonia, or I need a mental health day.  I think that mental health days are 10 times more important than physical health days. 

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