Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ah, the Olympics (and some other randomness)

First thing's first--go USA!!  I saw some of the women's cross-country skiing.  That has got to be the least sexy sport to watch.  I mean, the way they have to get up hills or over flat parts is not pretty.  I mean, most sports aren't nice to look at, and I could never do what those women do.  BUT NO.  Not what I would choose to do.

Okay, on to the important stuff.  I love to see the outfits that everyone comes out  wearing in the opening ceremonies.  I love the hats that the US hat.  They were pretty nifty and I'd like one--but not for the $60 that they probably cost.  Can you even buy them? I should do some research...  I also caught the qualifying round for men's snowboarding.  I WANT THOSE JACKETS.  And I would totally go out with Shaun White--DON'T JUDGE ME.  I want to learn to snowboard, so that's something he could bring to the relationship.  And maybe he'd let me wear his jacket--or not.


I'm inserting my Runway Wrap-Up here.  It's quick...feel free to not read it.

I'm excited that Anthony won!  I loved the dress and would wear it (if I ever went anywhere that it would appropriate to wear something like this).

Anthony's still my favorite.  I love his gay southern accent.

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  1. The hats are Ralph Lauren (as is the entire uniform collection) but i can't find the hats for sale on their site. I think, since they were just unveiled, that Ralphy is waiting to sell them until after they get more air time. i want one too! Moose are so american and cute ;) -Katie

    PS i ebayed it and they said the hats are sold out as of right now an dthe ones on ebay are going for $400 a pop! yikes! Knit one yourself i say!