Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boyfriend Application Addendum

I've thought of something else...
Be an outside person!  I like indoor activities and suck, but I loveloveLOVE being outside.  Especially when the weather's nice.  I live not to far from a bike trail and national park and I go down there and walk/jog(ha)/bike when I can.  And I absolutely effing love the beach.  If you're one of those "ew the beach is boring I'd rather do 7 other things than go there" then don't even bother.  I would spend my entire summer on the beach if I could.  This is why I enjoy visiting my mom in Florida--she works RIGHT ON THE BEACH.  It's fantastical to get my beach fix in the middle of winter.

Update: And also like cheese.  And stuff covered in cheesey goodness.


  1. I would live on the beach if I could...even if it meant I had to eat sand and drink sea water...hahahah

  2. are no longer talking about Tom so I don't have to watch you as closely...or did you make this addendum to throw me off your're tricksy and i am still on to you and your antics! -Katie

    PS you forgot "must love cheese".

  3. i heart beach but loathe wrinkles. spf 1million.