Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Too Tired to Think of a Witty Title...

So my office is now blocking half the internet because of viruses...they say.  I can't get onto Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress or anything else that could potentially make me happy for five minutes when I need a break from staring at spreadsheets and reports.  I do, however, have Google Reader.  Which is great, except I can't see any pictures, just text. 
I can read blogs, but I just see a big empty box.  Which makes me sad.  I don't know if the picture is integral to the post or if it's just there to compliment and accent it.  At least they won't block Google..I hope.  They blocked Google video search.  Seriously, guys?  If they block Google reader I will cry.  I will sit here at my dest and cry.  I can still post via e-mail, so they haven't foiled me yet!  Take that IT department!  (I hope none of them find this...that'd be weird.  Most of our IT department is over 50...not really my target audience).
In good work news: I get to learn Adobe Flash!  I'm very excited because I'll get to do more with our website, and I like the more "creative" side of my job.  I'm really very tired of looking at spreadsheets.
Sidenote:  When you want to try someone's drink and they say "Oh, I'm sick!", DO NOT drink it anyway.  That is how you get sick.  You are not invincible. And they generally frown upon runny noses and coughing in a food service establishment (job #2).

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  1. Okay, this where having me as a friend could potential save your sanity (who would have thought right?). So there are these things called "proxy websites" that let you hide your IP from everyone including the IT dept. What you can do is go to anyone of the sites listed here: and see if you can go to the sites you want to go to. there is nothing illegal about it and if the IT dept finds out tell them you didn't think it was wrong and find a site that you could need for work but can't use without the proxy. Just an idea. Hope it helps! -Katie