Monday, May 10, 2010


So I pretty much ate like a 12 year old boy who was left at home by himself over the weekend.  Not limited to, but included in the menu were peanut butter M&M's, Cheetos (puffs), Lucky Charms, brownies, and cookies.

I DID get to experiment, and I even took pictures!  (Go me!)  Okay, so first up we've got gorp cookies.  I used a cookie recipe in one of my cookbooks for the base, but altered a bit.  It called for fancy, high-quality chocolate chunks and pecans or walnuts or something (no thank you).  So I switched those out for regular M&M's, peanuts and raisins.  I did take the meat mallet to the M&M's and peanuts to break them up a bit.  Here's the final product:

These turned out soft-baked also, so bonus.  It's a great combo of sweet, salty, and the texture is fantastic!

Now on to the brownies.  Which are probably one of the best idea's I've ever had.  I used the standard brownie recipe that I always use.  Except this time I made a graham cracker crust first (used the meat mallet again--great stress-relief) and mixed semi-sweet chocolate chips and mini marshmallows into the batter.  

These were super gooey and I loved them.  I got A+'s from my taste testers.  I will definitely be making both of these recipes again.

Next up on my baking to-do list are butter tartsCher was very upset that I had never heard of them.  I'm pretty much sold on anything with "butter" in the name.


  1. mmm . . . both those look really good! Please send me some immediately.

    I must review the BT recipe you're going to make in advance to ensure they are the good ones though.

  2. Did someone say "butter tarts"? I swear those thing are like my Batsignal now.

    I'd say you definitely had some baking successes!