Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Strange Goings On in the Gym...

First of all, I get there and there are people on the machines that I like.  The girl on my #1 choice machine (which I use unless creepy pony tail guy is there or there's someone on a machine right next to it) is probably the preppiest girl I have ever seen in real life.  She was wearing pearls.  To work out.  On my elliptical.  PEARLS.

Then another creepster gets on one of the sit-down bikes (chair attached to a wheel and some pedals). I wasn't aware that one could get off merely by riding a stationary bike.  I had to work out for 20 minutes 2 machines over from this guy who was breathing quite heavily, grunting, and letting out a much too loud "Oh God!" every few minutes.  Uncomfortable is an understatement.

On a brighter note, I did see a couple of not creepy guys there today.  Unfortunately, I always see them when they're leaving.  Not really sure where they were when I got there.  Also, I look like a hot mess at the gym, so I doubt I'll meet the future Mr. Beckles there.  Unless guys are going for the hot mess look these days?  I really wouldn't know...

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