Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm back from vacation and I reallllyyy wish I was still in Florida.  I had a LOT of relaxation time, so I've come back a little pink, very rested, and not at all itching to go back to work.  I got to hang out with Mom and Papa Steve (my step-dad) and see my aunt and great-uncle.  AND I got my beach day PLUS shopping!!

Most of the time was spend hanging out with Mom and Papa Steve.  I even introduced Steve to Shrek.  He'd never seen it before and it happened to be on TV.  We ended up renting all three of them and having a Shrek-a-thon.  He loves the cheesy, so he really enjoyed the movies.  My favorite part of the third one is when the gingerbread man gets scared and poops a gumdrop--gets me EVERY time. 

I also got to go SHOPPING.  Clearly this is the most important part of the vacation.  There are these awesome outlets in Estero, FL--the Miromar Outlets.  First of all they're gorgeous--and I'm not just talking about the clothes.  There are fountains, koi ponds, and palm trees.  Brother got a new watch and wallet from the Fossil Outlet.  And I got 2 of the same style shirt in different colors from the Banana.  They were $10 each.  I WIN!  I can wear them to work too, so I double win.

I also got a little sunburned, so I guess I lose a little bit too.

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  1. Um, no mention of your future residence? You were more excited about Coconut Point than you were about Miromar.