Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Am a Victim of Peer Pressure

My favorite Canadian blogger, Cher at The Only Girl, has started an international workspace tour.  I have two jobs, but today I'm going to focus on job #1 because that's where I spend most of my time.  A lot of job #1 focuses on my taking photos and writing descriptions of products and getting them up on our website.  I also do some design stuff, along with the occasional press release.
It looks kind of plain from this view, but I do have photos on the wall in stuff.  I have 2 rooms, one's my office and the other is for photographing product and IT has some stuff stored back there.  PS I work for a cooperating association, we work with the NPS.  That's why there's a paper ranger hat on my desk, and Abe Lincoln on my bulletin board (he's dead, you know).

I took these in the AM so that my coworkers wouldn't think I was you can see I've got my oatmeal, juice and my tea.  I reallllly have to pee by 8:30 or 9...I've also got my iPod, which has become even more important than it was before, what with NABM around.  I got a new plant last friend E named it Sheldon (after The Big Bang Theory)

My drawers.  I have 2 drawers for personal stuff like makeup, gum, and snacks.  And two for less important things, like office supplies and files.  Crystal Light is yummy...I highly recommend the pomegranate lemonade.

Under my desk I have fuzzy slippers for when my feet get cold.  The office is a little bipolar.  One minute you're sweating to death, the next you've got a touch of frostbite. I don't actually wear them around the office...that would be unprofessional.  I've also got bike pedals under there because I get antsy and have to move around every once in a while.  And if I use them I can eat candy or donuts or whatever's on the freebie food table in the lunchroom.  At least that's what I tell myself.

I have some cleaning stuff, like disinfecting wipes, and the nifty air duster keyboard thingy.  I disinfect every Friday.  That's how I managed to stay relatively healthy when other people are coughing up a lung.

Here's my back room. I've got a shelf full of product, a lot of which is from Jamestown Glasshouse and amazing.  I also have a creepy mannequin.  He's supposed to be used for shirts and stuff, but we use him more for putting him in other peoples' office chairs to scare the bejesus out of them.  He's still dressed for Mardi Gras.

So that's where I work.  It's a pretty nice office except for the stark white walls that burn into my retina under the harsh florescent lighting, but whatevs. 

Also, I've joined twitter (peer pressure!).  I'm here.  It's mostly to follow other people's awesome, but I do have plenty of one-liners that only I think are funny.


  1. Yay! LOVE it! Want my comments? Well here they come;

    - that looks like a kick ass lunch you got there
    - are we to understand that you name your plants? Am I the only one that doesn't do this?
    - noticing an anti-bacteria/disinfecting theme
    - I also have vitamins that I forget to take
    - great snack food selection! Envious.
    - jealous of the fuzzy slippers and can't believe you wear those at work
    - also can't believe you bike pedal at work, but am now intrigued and will be looking into these
    - curious about the "I love cheese" poster
    - would love a creepy mannequin guy of my own for creepy fun pranks

    Great job - thanks for playing! I'll be sure to link & Twitter it!

    And now I'm off to follow you on Twitter.

  2. One of my office buddies named that plant Sheldon because we both have a love for "The Big Bang Theory"...and no, it's not normal to name your plants lol.

  3. Love it! The pic of your slippers and bicycle pedals cracks me up :)

  4. I am jealous of your neat and organized office drawers. If I were to open mine, things would probably explode out of them into my face.

    I could have so much fun with a mannequin in my office! He would have to be decorated for every holiday.

  5. I am dying that you have bike pedals under your desk. I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW. Man, I could be Lance Armstrong in no time.

    Love the tour!