Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Balls! This is Why I Shouldn't Let My Mind Wander.

Sometimes Katie and I have chats while at work.  Here's some of what we discussed today...    me: i want to golfing
  like grown up golfing
  no, i don't know how to golf off the putt-putt course
  i want to yell "BALLS" instead of "FORE"
  fore doesn't make any sense
  people will be on the lookout if you yell balls
  jus sayin
 Katie: hahaha
  we should do it
  but only if we really dress up (in tams--Scottish hats)
 me: i was thinking about that last night
  and then i realize that this is why i shouldn't let my mind wander too much
  done and done
  i'll have to ask my brother if i can borrow his clubs lol
"Fore" is another word for "ahead" (think of a ship's fore and aft). Yelling "fore" is simply a shorter way to yell "watch out ahead" (or "watch out before"). It allows golfers to be forewarned, in other words. (From about.com or something...)
  I think balls would be just as, if not more, effective
 Katie: i would duck out of the way of balls
also, isn't it usually that fore is ahead and when people yell fore it is for the people ahead of them so they would look behind them?
  so shouldn't they yell Aft?
 me: hmmm
 Katie: balls is better
  by far
 me: maybe "aft" doesn't carry well over a distance?
 Katie: maybe
  i love how gold is the lazy and out of shape person's sport
 me: i know!
 Katie: more outdoorsy than bowling, but in bowling you don't get a cart
 me: you don't even have to walk if you don't feel like it
 Katie: or people to carry your stuff around for you
  i know!
 it's brilliant!
 me: bowling balls are kinda heavy though
  and you have to to that whippy thing with your leg
  you could pull something
  thank you, Scotland I think they'd yell "Bollocks" in Scotland, though
Seriously, though.  It's for *safety*.  Who's not gonna look around when you yell "BALLS!!".


  1. I frequently have similar conversations with my BFF. Well, not about golfing, but about other things.

  2. SCORE! I'm famous now... or should i say more famous? no, i shouldn't. ~Katie