Monday, April 26, 2010

Shoes, Free Stuff, Shopping, and Pedals

I had a pretty good weekend. 

Scratch that.  Saturday was awesome, Sunday kind of blew.


I get a few magazines....The usual suspects: Cosmo, Marie Claire, Elle...I also get e-mails from said magazines.  Elle sent me an email about an event at Nordstrom.  It basically said "Shoes, free food, free stuff". And I was all "You had me at shoes, Elle."  So college biffle Katie and I headed over to our mall and grabbed some lunch (mmm sushi) and then went to Nordstrom to check out the event.  These two charming gentlemen were hosting the shoefashionfreestuffshow.  Eric Daman and Fred Allard.
Eric is the stylist for Gossip Girl, which has amazing clothings and I love it.  And Fred is Creative Director at Nine West. New best friend?  Yes, please.  Plus he's French, which I love.  Nothing screams fashion like France.  Both were so gracious and walked around chatting with everyone.  At the end of the fashion trends show Fred said if anyone had any questions to ask.  I didn't think "Want to hire me?  I'd be happy to get you lattes and your dry cleaning." was appropriate.

So sitting in the shoe department (and having looked shoes up online prior to going) I bought some.
I love them.  And as an added bonus I got a signed copy of Eric's book!  For free!  Yay free stuff!  Ok, that's enough with the exclamation points...
 Via Google
Then Katie and I roamed around the mall for another 4ish hours.  Fantastical day if I do say so myself.
In regards to my office tour: I didn't know that my pedals were that interesting lol.  But for anyone who's wondering, I got them at wal-mart for like $25.  They're great if you're on a long phone call or something. 


  1. YAY! Saturday was full of amazingness and sparkles (a la MODG lol). I love how Fred talked to us!! I felt like we were famous, or rich...maybe both? and Eric was adorable and very chic. We need to do more fashiony things. I am doing research to find more shows and stuff. On Sunday there was an alternative-brides-of-philly or some such show at the trust building where we went that one time for 1st Fri. Looked cool. we need to do things like that! Peace out girl scout!! ~Katie

  2. PS your shoes are so awesome! I litrally died. they are BANANAS! (channeling Rachel Zoe here ;) )