Monday, July 25, 2011

Bird of Paradise

I got a Groupon for a new yoga studio not too long ago and went yesterday for my first class there.  It was an all levels Vinyasa class.  And holy downward dog I am feeling it today.  I'm still relatively new to yoga-I've done maybe 12 classes total with an instructor-but I feel like I did pretty well.  Balance has usually been my goal intentioni for my classes, but I've set myself a new yoga goal.  THIS:

Image via

This is Bird of Paradise pose.  It's a binding pose which was too difficult for me to do.  I have issues with my hips and with balance, so I feel like if I achieve this pose-and can hold it for a repectable amount of time-I will have accomplished something.

Wish me luck!  Better yet, wish that I'll be able to get out of the pose once I get into it...


  1. that pose is humanly possible?! The pic kinda looks like what a barbie looks like when you pull the legs too far and they practically pop off. Don't let your leg pop-up, it would make me sads.

    PST have you seen this?:
    I think it's way cool.

  2. I can do that pose if my leg was stuck up against a wall! Otherwise, you'd see me falling over like a bowling pin. lol I have to say... I'm wicked jealous! Good luck Becky! :) xoxo!