Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Day

So I have an Aunt Irene...can I blame her for any damages to my stuff?

And why is Mother Nature so pissed off this week?  I’m so glad I don’t have to work on Sundays anymore-when Irene is set to hit my area.  She is getting in the way of my yoga class, though.  And since I haven’t been able to go the last two weeks, I’m in a fight with her.  Guess who’ll win that one?
My county is in the “Tropical Storm Warning” area as opposed to the “Hurricane” area.  For now.  I guess that’ll depend on which way Irene swings.  My aunt in Jersey had to evacuate, she’s making her way to my house today.  And my other aunts in Delaware and the Outer Banks got out of dodge as well. 
My hurricane activity options list is pretty good.  I’m prepared for with and without electricity.  My aunt suggested making hurricanes and then playing Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly (“But why is the rum gone?”).  I also have quite a few books to choose from, but I’ve finally started “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, so I’ll probably stick with that.  I could also watch the “Pride and Prejudice” DVD (BBC version!), I’ve got a couple of Joy Juice prompts coming my way, and a few assorted knitting projects.
I’m planning on yoga and running tomorrow.  I don’t want to use the hurricane as an excuse not to work out.  I've also got to move my car away from the giant tree in my driveway.  Luckily there's an empty parking lot across the street I can probably use.  If not, that's why have insurance.  But, I'd like to avoid as much damage to Lucille as possible. And we've got water, batteries, a cellar pump and all that jazz set up for safety and stuff.
Do you have anything planned for the storm?
I hope everyone has a safe weekend!

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  1. I'll be watching it on TV and making sure my brother is still alive afterwards. lol Let me know how the book is. I saw it at Barnes & Noble and just could not stop laughing at it. Who ever wrote that book has a good imagination. By the by, did you read Alex's chapter? He's writing a sequel to the Harry Potter saga... I'm amazed at his talent! He's awesome! I have kid cousin with awesome writing skills. :D YAY! Not that we all don't have that talent, but he's got the imagination to go with it!! Why am I babbling? Anyways.... yeah... lol