Monday, August 15, 2011

I Kind of Suck, but the Shore Does Not

You guys…I kind of sucked at being healthy last week.  I didn’t work out at all.  Unless you count walking on the boardwalk exercise.  Which I would, except that I got Kohr Brothers frozen custard and a small is NOT a small.  But chocolate and peanut butter swirl is SO worth it.
Anyways-I skipped the gym Monday because my legs still hurt from Saturday and Sunday.  Except I forgot that Wednesday was my friend’s bf’s bday-so I skipped that day too.  And then I was at the shore Friday-Sunday (re: Kohr Brothers), so I missed my Saturday gym time and my Sunday yoga.  I took my running shoes with the best of intentions, but being lazy got the better of me.  Also, I ate way more cream cheese brownies, cheese curls, and ring bologna than I’d like to admit.  I’m really afraid to get on the scale, so we’ll just wait on that until my normal weigh-in day this weekend.
So we’re getting serious now.  I have three and a half weeks to look amazeballs in my bridesmaid’s dress and I am determined, damn it!  So here’s the plan:
1.       Eat less crap. That means anything from the bakery at job #2 except fruit cups. No baking for the next few weeks.  And choosing meals out wisely.
2.       Not eating the free food that’s left on the table in the lunch room.
3.       Getting back on track with C25k, ie running 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
4.       Going to yoga twice a week.  Beginner’s class on Saturdays before  I hit the gym for running and so weights. And Vinyasa on Sunday to get the week started right. Side note-Vinyasa is effing hard.  Downward dog is our “rest position”.  My shoulders/arms best look amazing at the end of this.
I’m already on track.  Sort of.  There are a couple of brownies left, but I did not buy fudge on the boardwalk this weekend.  I could have…the other girls did, but I didn’t. This is a first and also a little bit of a miracle.
The weekend was fun though.  It was a bridal beach weekend.  We were down a bridesmaid because she had to work, but it was still fun.  I got to read, lie on the beach, eat, and help the youngest girl with her summer history homework.  We hardly turned on the TV, except Sunday before we left because the weather was crappy.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get down there once more before the summer is over, but it might not happen because there’s so much going on. 
The only part that was less than awesome was the drive home.  It took three and a half hours.  Ridiculous for what’s supposed to be a two hour drive.  FYI-New Jersey floods in heavy rain.  Not a fan.  You know it’s bad when I’m happy to see the Blue Route.  (For those of you not from this area-I hate the Blue Route.  It’s always, always backed up at some point no matter what time of day I take it.  And it’s usually for no reason.)
I hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. I hear ya, we're doing a river float next weekend which means in a swimsuit with a bunch of girls and I'm not in the shape for it AT ALL. Have I ever asked what town you go to? My friends use to do a share in Manalapan (sp?) and a roommate's parents had a place in Spring Lake. Very different experiences :)

  2. bahahahaha you're doing much better than me on the health train. like whoa. first time visitor here, by the way. made me think twice about my fun size snickers for breakfast.