Thursday, June 2, 2011

So I Haven't Posted for a Month and a Half

Sorry about that!  My absense was mostly unintentional.  Lots to catch up on, but I'll keep this relatively short.

Yesterday was June 1. And I fully intended to post, but I got sidetracked by an hour-long phone call with Kellifish. (Long story short, I’m now her maid of honor). There seemed to be a trend around the interwebs yesterday of setting goals. I guess it’s only fitting that this was my horoscope:

You can share your thoughts about going back to school or fantasize out loud about
your latest vacation destination, but you must get serious if you actually want to make
something happen. It's easier to talk about your plans now than to execute them
with the loquacious Gemini Solar Eclipse activating your 9th House of Big Ideas.
But don't waste your time telling tales of maybes and possibilities.
Instead, pick one goal, write it down and then commit to do whatever
it takes to make your dreams come true.

As soon as I read this I thought Molly from Stratejoy could have written it. (PS if you’ve never visited the site-GO. I read the blog every day.)

My goal? I want an apartment-a place of my own. I love my aunt, and am so grateful that she’s let me live in the house that’s been in my family for like 90 years (which I love), but I’m aching for a place that’s all mine. Somewhere that I can leave my shoes in the living room, decorate (I’ve been obsessed with interior design blogs lately), and not feel obligated to give 24 hours notice if I won’t be home for dinner. I’d prefer to live 100% on my own, but I think I’ll have to have a roommate (fingers crossed I don’t get someone crazy).

There are a few things I need to get out of the way first. Like getting a new laptop (with the help of my mom, thank goodness.)

Another goal is to update once a week. Since I haven’t been updating at all lately, I feel like this is the most manageable. I’m not even going to set a specific day, because I’d like to not set myself up to fail.

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  1. I love living on my own! I miss my old roommate sometimes, but we're still friends so I still get to see her when I want :)