Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I'm Not Already Skinny-Minny

Things that are detrimental to me getting skinny:

  1. My gym isn't exactly open yet.  They're supposed to be open on the 18th, so here's hoping.
  2. Anything that is dark chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, or delicious covered in Nutella.
  3. Job #2 is in a bakery...yeah.
  4. I really like food.  Ergo, I'm bad at dieting. I'm ok with maintaining my weight as it is right now, so I figure if I make some adjustments and add in exercise, I can meet my goal.
  5. I like to's a stress reliever for me.  So when I bake, I eat.  I eat, feel fat, get stressed. Vicious cycle.
  6. It's too cold to go to the bike trail.
  7. I really enjoy being lazy/watching tv/reading.
What I really need is for someone to yell at me to go work out.  

    1 comment:

    1. Have you ever eaten a Nutella and potato chip sandwich? I know it sounds gross/weird, but try it - if you're a fan of the salty/sweet combo.

      That's what I just made myself for dinner. Sad.