Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Potato Sacks Never Looked So Good

Okay, I'm lazy I forgot to put up my Project Runway fave this week.  I will pretty much always have an opinion on Project Runway...and ANTM when it comes back.  Anywho.  I thought the designers did a FANTASTIC job last week with the potato sack challenge.  I couldn't just pick one that I loved/would wear.  So here are my personal favorites:

Amy: I love the cut of this..it's flirty and sexy and I love how she dyed it.

Anthony: I don't usually like bubble hems, but this it's done in a different way here and this dress is super cute.  I'd need it a tad longer though...there's no way to sit in this thing without it going up even just a little.  And the color is fantastic.  Anthony is my favorite so far personality-wise.  He's absolutely hilarious and I love him.

And my third favorite is Jay Nicholas:
This was the winning dress.  I don't always agree with who wins, but so far this season I have.  I love the bottom of this dress.  It's so flirty and fun.

I thought that Maya's dress (below) was shaped strangely and there was a lot going on.  I was honestly surprised that she wasn't in the bottom three.

 I'm not even going to bother predicting a winner for this season, because the person who I want to win never does. 

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