Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jane Austen

I've started reading Pride and Prejudice again.  It's a great book but I've never actually read the entire thing.  I always start it, feel really confident, but then before I finish it I decide I want to watch the movie.  The BBC version that's like 5 hours long, not that crap that has Keira Knightly in it.  I mean, I like her and all, but I'd just much rather stare at Colin Firth.  I also like staring at him better than words on a page. 
My desire to watch this is heightened whenever I watch or read Bridget Jones' Diary.  I love that Colin Firth is in that movie as well and his name is Darcy.  Brilliant casting in my humble opinion.  I also want to read all of Jane Austen's books after I watch "The Jane Austen Book Club".  It's a fantastic movie, and it will make you want to read everything she's ever written. I've also got a copy of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", which I'll get to after I've finished "Pride and Prejudice.


  1. Pride & Prejudice is my favorite book OF ALL TIME. I think I saw the movie (the one with Colin Firth which imho is the ONLY version that matters) though before I read the book. So now once a year when I read it, I picture him. And then when I'm done, I of course watch the movie. Read it through. It is absolutely worth it for the end. Did you know Bridget Jones is loosely based on Pride & Prejudice? They have many similar plot points and turns.

  2. That's great - I love Jane Austen!

    But I have to admit, I didn't like "The Jane Austen Book Club" and never finished it. I think I sold my copy at a yard sale.