Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here Comes the Sun…At 6:15 am

I hate fall back time. I’d much rather drive to work in the dark. It being dark at 5:30 makes me tired.  When it’s darker later in the morning on the weekends I sleep in better. 
I guess there’s nothing I can really do about it. Short of refusing to accept it. I could always move to Arizona. They don’t follow it. Is there anything to do in Arizona? Apparently this is Standard time, though.  I don’t like standard.
On the bright side, yoga was much less crowded Sunday. I don’t know if I can thank Daylight Savings for that or not. But it worked out. I also got a little braver in class. I decided that since I didn’t feel like going and almost skipped (and there were less people), I’d push myself a little bit more. I got myself into two full binds and flipped my dog*. I’ve always been afraid that a) I’d kick my neighbor, or b) I wouldn’t be able to unflip.
*When you’re in downward dog: go into down dog split, stack your hips, and flip your free leg over. Google it.
On the bright side, I got a lot done over the weekend. Errands and such. And even had some relaxing time to watch movies and continue knitting projects. I do need to make an effort to go out with my friends though. I don’t want to go into Winter hermit mode just yet. The freak October snowstorm threw me off (Probably. Might have been laziness. Could really go either way.).

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  1. You flipped your dog?? Oh my goodness you're really good!