Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Okay, not really. But one of the radio stations here is sponsoring a Bangles concert, so the song got in my head.

I had the fattest week I've had in a reeeally long time last week. i figured since I didn't have to fit into my bridesmaid dress any more, I deserved it a little. I still worked out, but only about half as much as usual (plus I didn't work out today-I'm on doggy duty and I didn't want to put Otis back in his crate after he had been there all day (yes I'm using the dog as an excuse)). And oh, my friends, did I eat. Enchiladas, fried dough, doughnuts, mac and cheese with bacon baked right in, ice cream for dinner, soup in bread bowls.  So tasty.

It's going to be a little difficult to get back in a healthier state of mind and body.  Especially since eating all that cheese and sugar just makes me feel like taking a nap.  I'll ease myself in this week.  Maybe.  My birthday is Friday, so I've got at least one happy hour and one dinner on the schedule.

And a massage.  I can't wait.  My back has been so sore lately.  Too much sitting, slouching, stressing, etc.  I have a knot the size of a walnut in my shoulder, so I am very excited.  Yay for Living Social and $40 massages!

On a completely unrelated note-I did the volunteer orientation for Habitat for Humanity. I'm so excited to go to a build.  There's one maybe 10 minutes from my house.  I've wanted to do it since high school, and it just kind of hit me one day....why haven't I?  So I am.  I like being able to physically help someone out.  Plus I learned a lot about the organization that I didn't know. Job #1 is for a not-for-profit, but I don't get to see a direct correlation between what I do there and how it effects who we're serving.  This way I will be.  Plus, who doesn't like getting their hands dirty every once in a while?

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