Monday, January 10, 2011

Goals for 2011

I know, I'm a little late.  I’m a procrastinator…

After some consideration I present to you (dun dun dundun!) my goals for 2011!

1. Get a new car. This is happening. I have a down payment and a good credit score. My inspection and registration and all that jazz is due in March, so I’m getting it before the end of that month. HAPPENING. SO EXCITED!

2. Pay off my lowest balance student loan. If I wasn’t saving for the car, this would be done already, but whatevs.

3. Take a trip not relating to a family visit to somewhere I’ve never been. This will probably be a solo trip (practice for big trips I want to take in the future). I’m thinking San Francisco, Boston, or somewhere. (I’m going to try to get to DC this year too, but I’d be visiting my cousins, so that doesn’t count!)

4. Continue with the health goals from last year. I want to go back to yoga class (hopefully sooner rather than later), get toned, and lose 5-10 more pounds. I’m in a healthy range now, but I’d like a little bit more of a buffer.

5. QUIT JOB #2. This is a HUGE goal. I’m hoping for 6 months, so I’ll have the summer free. As much as I like the extra cash, it’s exhausting. I want to be able to spend time with friends and go away on weekends without having to remember to request off.

6. Learn some web programming. I have a book for dummies, and my step dad is sending me some other stuff. Maybe eventually this could be another source of income, but it really will help out with my current job-job #1, that is.

7. Cross something off my life list. I don’t know what yet. Maybe this will the year for sky diving?

8. Read the books in my book pile. There are so many. Some I started, but never finished. Some I bought and forgot about.

These goals are in addition to the ones that aren’t completed from last year. I haven’t forgotten about those. Yet.  Good luck to everyone who's set goals for this year!

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  1. Yay for new cars! Having weekends free is definitely a great goal! Even though there's times I still have to work here and there it's on my own terms.