Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Achievements

Happy 2011 everyone!

If you remember, I set forth some goals for myself at the beginning of the year.  So here's what I've achieved:

  1.  Go to gym/lose some poundage/get healthy(skinny)  Yes!  I joined the gym across the street from my house and started doing yoga and Weight Watchers in September.  I lost around 15 pounds, and would like to drop a little more.
  2. Start a blog. Hi!  Thanks for reading my mostly mindless ramblings!
  3. Pay off credit cards. I've got one left to go, and it should be done by April.
  4. Get passport.  I did this the Monday after Christmas (nothing like waiting until the last minute!), so I'll be getting it in a few weeks.
  5. Cross 2 items off life listI started yoga and bought vouchers for rock climbing and aerial acrobatics.  I haven't used the vouchers so much, so I guess I didn't completely achieve this one, but it's okay.
  6. Find an apartment.  I'm putting this one off because I have to get a new car and I want to continue to pay off debts.  Maybe this will happen next year if I can find a roommate.
  7. Get organized (I'm terrible at keeping stuff in it's "home").  This is a continuing goal.  I've gotten a lot better about things.
  8. Volunteer (My main cause is the National MS Society, but I'm interested in finding others as well).  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do this.  Between working two jobs and still trying to have a social life, it kind of fell through the cracks.  I did, however, donate to the USO, the Kristen Brooks Hope Center, and took part in the James Garfield miracle, so I think I did alright.
  9. Clean out clothes.  Also ongoing, but I did donate two big bags of clothes that I don't wear to one of those clothes drop boxes. This one happened to support the MS Society.
  10. Go through boxes from last move.  I did this some, but I hate going through old stuff.  I don't know if it's stirring up bad memories, or deciding what's not important any more, but I don't like it.  I'll finish in the Spring.  I'll make myself get into one of my cleaning moods.     
I hope that everyone had a happy and fun New Year.  I spent mine watching a drag show at a gay bar.  So. Much. Fun!  I'll be sure to post soon with my 2011 goals.  I just haven't 100% decided what I'd this year to bring yet.

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