Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Frivolous Dreams

I’m buying lottery tickets today. And whenever I resolve to buy lottery tickets my mind gets away from me. I fantasize about what I’d do with that kind of money. I’m getting them for myself and one other friend and we’d split the money. It’d be over $100 million. Each.

I’d pay off my debt, my brother’s, both my parents, and give at least a million to my aunt who’s been above and beyond supportive of me my whole life. Then I’d quit both my jobs, hire a financial advisor, buy the best camera I can find and plan some kind of trip. Somewhere sunny.

And even though the chances of winning even $2 are slim to none-there’s still the hope. The hope that I could change my life and my family’s forever. To have a house and a space of my own.  Being able to explore and find my passion and help others without having to worry about student loans and car payments. And not having to work. There’s that, too.

Good luck to anyone who chooses to play.  Someone's gotta win, right?

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